Future of Surveillance: InfiRay's Exclusive Showcase at Intersec Dubai 2024



InfiRay, a leading innovator in infrared imaging technology, is set to captivate audiences at the upcoming Intersec Dubai 2024, scheduled to take place from January 16 to 18 at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre. Positioned at Booth SA-H42, InfiRay invites you to explore groundbreaking solutions that redefine the landscape of surveillance.


Revolutionizing Security Landscapes

InfiRay's commitment to cutting-edge solutions is evident in its array of products designed to address diverse security challenges. At the forefront is the Border Surveillance Solution, a state-of-the-art system crafted to ensure unparalleled monitoring and control. This solution leverages InfiRay's advanced thermal imaging detection technology, offering real-time insights even in the most complex environments.

Similarly, the Coastal & Maritime Surveillance Solution reinforces InfiRay's dedication to comprehensive security. By integrating advanced infrared technology, this solution provides a vigilant watch over maritime boundaries, securing coastal regions with unmatched precision.



Elevating Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

InfiRay takes surveillance to new heights with the Critical Infrastructure High Vantage Point Electro-Optical Surveillance Solution. As urban environments evolve, traditional visible PT cameras struggle in complex situations. InfiRay's solution, powered by thermal imaging detection technology and intelligent algorithms, overcomes these challenges, ensuring effective monitoring with an expansive field of view. This technology is a game-changer in addressing environmental obstructions, limited field of view, and adverse weather conditions.


Protecting Oil & Gas Fields with Precision

One of InfiRay's standout solutions is the Oil & Gas Field Surveillance Solution. Deploying the world's leading infrared detection technology and advanced stitching algorithms, an infrared panoramic camera provides a 360% view of oilfields. This system, complemented by real-time linkage with visible light cameras, proves instrumental in swiftly detecting and responding to intruders. Portable infrared panoramic cameras facilitate mobile patrols, ensuring efficient monitoring of oil fields and pipelines while preventing theft through real-time alarms.



Real-world Success: Foiling Thieves in an Oilfield Heist

A recent incident at an oilfield underscores the effectiveness of InfiRay's technology. When a thief trespassed near an oil well, InfiRay's Infrared Panoramic Security System immediately triggered an alert in the control room. Security personnel swiftly intercepted the intruder, with the entire pursuit monitored in real-time through thermal imaging. The on-site engineer remarked, "Our pursuit vehicle, equipped with InfiRay technology, tracked and captured the thief. The entire process was seamlessly controlled through thermal imaging, showcasing the efficiency of our defense system."


Exclusive Showcase at Intersec Dubai 2024

Intersec Dubai 2024 provides a unique platform for InfiRay to showcase its groundbreaking solutions. Visitors to Booth SA-H42 can explore live demonstrations, interact with experts, and gain firsthand insights into the future of surveillance technology. InfiRay's team of professionals will be on hand to discuss customized solutions, address inquiries, and highlight the transformative impact of their offerings.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the fusion of innovation and security at InfiRay's exclusive showcase. Join us at Intersec Dubai 2024, where the future of surveillance unfolds.