IRay Technology sceintific has won many honors

After the enterprise declaration, the related departments review, Yantai IRay Technology co., ltd. successfully passed the audit and was recognized as “City-level Enterprise Technology Center”, “One Enterprise One Technology” R&D Center and “Specialized Special New” SMEs.

These three honors are not only a high affirmation and recognition of the overall technical level of arrow optoelectronics, but also a kind of encouragement and spur for arrow optoelectronics on the road of r&d and innovation, which is conducive to further improving the independent innovation ability of the enterprise and strengthening the core market competitiveness of the enterprise.

IRay Technology adheres to the principle of high technology as the guide and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, focusing on the research of high, precise and sophisticated product technology. It has won the “High-tech Enterprise” and “Shandong Infrared Imaging and Photoelectric Sensing Engineering Technology Research Center”. "Shandong Province specializes in special small and medium-sized enterprises", "Yantai photoelectric sensing engineering technology research center", "Yantai photoelectric imaging technology engineering laboratory", "Scientific and technological innovation outstanding team" and many other honors. In the future, IRay Technology will further enhance the R&D strength of science and technology, give full play to the accumulated technological advantages of the industry, focus on technological innovation, build lasting product competitiveness, and realize joint development between the company and its customers.