Forest Fire Prevention Surveillance Solution

Forests are one of the most important ecosystems on Earth, providing a multitude of ecological and economic values including oxygen production, water cycle regulation, soil conservation, and wildlife habitat. However, forests also face many threats, with the most significant being forest fires. Forest fires are highly destructive and often difficult to detect and spread rapidly, posing a threat not only to the ecosystem and forest fires but also to human life and property. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt the right measures to prevent and detect forest fires.


The challenges

There are many industry challenges in forest fire detection and prevention, which include the following:


• Due to the vast expanse of forests and the presence of numerous obstructions such as trees and vegetation, traditional monitoring devices often fail to effectively monitor the entire forest area and promptly detect potential fire hazards.


• Due to the presence of dry vegetation and flammable materials in forests, fires can quickly spread over large areas. Additionally, the complex forest terrain, including mountains, gorges, and rivers, creates natural barriers that make it difficult for firefighting personnel to reach the fire scene in a timely manner.


• Accurately pinpointing fire points within extensive forest areas is a challenging task. Limited manpower resources and complex forest terrain make fire point localization difficult.


• The unstable outdoor environment and severe weather conditions pose common challenges for forest fire detection and prevention. In various extreme weather conditions, detection equipment needs to have stable and reliable performance to ensure continuous operation.


InfiRay forest fire prevention surveillance solution

InfiRay has independent and cutting-edge thermal imaging detection technology, combined with advanced video surveillance, to build an all-day, all-weather, full-coverage, three-dimensional forest fire prevention monitoring network, and build a forest of "pre-event prevention, mid-event processing, and post-event recovery " integrated platform for fire prevention, truly realizing the protection of forest fires.




By building a highly integrated monitoring system, InfiRay forest fire prevention surveillance solution realizes the linkage of different devices, and can feed monitoring data back to the regional monitoring station and the general command and control center in real time. The following diagram shows the products involved in our solution, the operational processes of the system, and the business applications that can be met.


Solution highlights

InfiRay has utilized independent and cutting-edge thermal imaging detection technology and advanced video surveillance to build a 24/7, all-weather, fully covered three-dimensional forest prevention and control monitoring network, effectively realizing the protection of forests.


• Full-distance , full-coverage fire monitoring

InfiRay 's forest fire protection series products provide a variety of focal length options from 35 mm to 225 mm to meet the monitoring range requirements of different scenarios. The independent self-developed 12μm thermal imaging detector has a detection distance increased by 30% compared with the 17μm detector.




•High-precision fire detection algorithm

High-precision fire detection algorithm can detect fire with only 1.5 pixels. 




• Dual-spectrum intelligent algorithm

By conducting thermal imaging detection combined with dual protection of visible light and thermal imaging, all-weather surveillance can be provided for forest checkpoints or other areas.



• Precise positioning of the fire point, alarm mobile terminal push

Based on coordinates, latitude and longitude, and posters, the fire point can be accurately located with an accuracy of up to 50 m. The fire information is pushed to the mobile terminal in time, and the mobile terminal is supported to browse real-time video and recording.





The above are some of the products involved in this solution, click on the link to learn more!