Real-Time Temperature Measurement to Ensure Cable Quality - Application of Thermal Cameras in Cable Potting

The surface temperature of the rubber cable encapsulation needs to be measured in real time during cable production, to satisfy the process requirement. The thermal camera is used to measure the temperature of the cable surface in the furnace, to accurately obtain the surface temperature and the melted rubber temperature and control the cable quality.

Real-Time Temperature Measurement to Ensure Cable Quality - Application of Thermal Cameras in Cable Potting

Application Background:

In the cable potting workshop, multiple rubber pre-heating furnaces and vertical furnaces are installed. The rubber material is melted in the pre-heating furnace. When the temperature reaches 60°C, the cable passes through the vertical furnace, and the melted rubber material covers the cable. In the cable potting process, temperature measurement needs to be implemented for the pre-heating furnace and the vertical furnace, ensuring that the rubber is melted in the production process.

Application Example:

An electronic company in Shandong wants to install thermal cameras for real-time temperature measurement for cables. InfiRay staff installs 7 AT31F thermal cameras in the workshop according to the customer's usage scenarios and specific requirements. The thermal cameras are installed on the roof of the workshop, and the lenses point to the top of the pre-heating furnaces and vertical furnaces to monitor temperature for the cable potting process. The 7 thermal cameras cover all cable processing devices and demand points of high temperature in the production line.

Real Time Temperature Measurement To Ensure Cable Quality

Application of Thermal Cameras In Cable Potting

Software Solution:

1.  Industrial temperature measurement and monitoring software is used for connecting all thermal cameras installed in the workshop through the network, achieving unified real-time monitoring with software and display on one computer client.

2.  The displayed images are named according to the locations of the pre-heating furnaces and vertical furnaces covered by each thermal camera, facilitating the staff to locate and monitor the devices.

3.  A temperature area and the high-temperature alarm in the temperature area is configured on the software for the position where cables are routed. After the devices are installed and commissioned, the imaging and temperature measurement effect satisfies the customer.

Software Solution

Solution Strengths:

1.  The thermal camera monitoring solution can achieve all-weather real-time monitoring of the cable workshop without manual temperature measurement on each pre-heating furnace, reducing manual cost.

2.  The AT31F thermal camera has a 384×288 resolution, which can display the cables. The wide-angle lens covers all monitored targets and provides stable images.

3.  The equipped professional industrial temperature measurement and monitoring software realize online networked monitoring of multiple thermal cameras and implement deployment and monitoring for the workshop.

4.  A point, line, and area can be configured as temperature measurement zones, and alarms can be configured in each zone independently for prompt risk handling.

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