InfiRay® Released New Self-Developed Handheld Thermal Camera on April 20th


InfiRay®, a leading brand in the thermal imaging industry, released a new M200F Handheld Thermal Camera on April 20th, 2022, Yantai, China. 


With built-in self-developed 12μm infrared detector and 256×192 thermal resolution, the professional InfiRay® M200F Handheld Thermal Camera enriches the resolution selection of M series products, together with 5MP visible light lens, which makes it highly competitive in the thermal imaging market.      

In terms of hardware, M200F Handheld Thermal Camera has a 3.5-inch high-definition touch screen which makes it easier for engineers to operate; Clear real-time images can be captured for targets of different distances with the function of manual focus. This is ideal for application in industrial patrol inspection. Equipped with brand-new 24.8 ° FOV lens, it can be used for thermal imaging and temperature measurement at a longer distance. With IP54 rating and replaceable battery, the ultra-long battery life can ensure the task progress during patrol inspection.   

In terms of functions, M200F supports a wide temperature measurement range from - 20 ℃  to +550 ℃ with accuracy of ± 2 ℃ or ± 2% of the reading, which meets the measurement requirements in most industrial scenarios. The clearest thermal images can be displayed with 10 color palettes and several visible light/ thermal imaging modes to choose according to actual situation. The thermal camera can realize automatic tracking and display of the highest temperature, the lowest temperature and the center spot temperature, and automatically locate the abnormal temperature position of the detected equipment. Custom temperature measurement spots, lines and areas can be drawn on the screen, which is convenient for users to perform temperature measurement in key areas.     


Matched with our professional temperature measurement analysis software, M200F can carry out real-time thermal imaging video analysis via USB connection. The captured images can be imported to the software for secondary analysis and one-shot analysis report generation, which is convenient for engineers to analyze and sort out the inspection results according to the data and thermal imaging. Images can be easily transmitted to mobile App via Wi-Fi to realize on-site image capture, real-time recording and analysis.     

With advantages of high cost-effectiveness, portability, reliability and rich professional analysis functions, InfiRay M200F Handheld Thermal Camera is suitable for thermal imaging and temperature measurement in product R&D, product detection, manufacturing process control, power equipment inspection and other aspects, so as to improve the efficiency of thermographic inspection and intellectualize the industrial inspection process.