Milestone: InfiRay® Launched XGA Array + Highly Sensitive Uncooled IRFPA Detector

With independent core infrared technology, InfiRay® has successfully launched the XGA array uncooled infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) detector. The pixel pitch of the product is only 14μm; the array size is up to the XGA scale (1024×768); and the noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) is less than 40 mK.
The launch of the product is an important milestone for China's infrared imaging industry, marking that China's company has reached the level of the world's top companies in the field of cutting-edge uncooled IRFPA detector technology.
High-performance and large-array uncooled IRFPA chips and devices have been widely used in UAV reconnaissance, monitoring, power maintenance, disease prevention and control, and many other fields. Before that, only the United States and France had mastered the design and manufacturing technology of chips and devices from the source.
The development of the high-performance and ultra-large-array uncooled IRFPA detector needs to break through a number of core technologies, including the preparation technology of high-performance VOx films, the readout circuit technology of ultra-large arrays, design and manufacturing of MEMS sensors with small pixel pitch, and the high-vacuum packaging technology of chips. After five years of continuous development, InfiRay® successfully developed 14μm design and process technology on the basis of the 1st generation of 35μm, the 2nd generation of 25μm/20μm and the 3rd generation of 17μm technologies. Meanwhile, a series of breakthroughs have been achieved in the core technologies for the preparation of high-performance VOx films, device integration, and design of ultra-large-array readout circuits.
Now, InfiRay® is scaling new heights.

Imaging samples of InfiRay® XGA IRFPA detector