InfiRay Released Industrial Thermal Imaging 5G Smart Device

On October 20, 2022, InfiRay released the first cross-border product - Industrial Thermal Imaging 5G Smart Device PX1. It is embedded with 12μm 256×192 InfiRay self-developed high-performance infrared detector. It can resolve a minimum temperature difference of 40mk, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±2℃. It supports a wide temperature measurement range of -20℃~550℃, which can meet the needs in different industries.

Industrial Thermal Imaging 5G Smart Device PX1 has 4 core advantages to facilitate mobile intelligent inspection in harsh environments.

1.Three-spectrum Sensing, for thermal imaging in various scenarios

PX1 features a three-spectrum system integrating 48-megapixel visible light imaging, 20-megapixel low light night vision, and 256×192 thermal imaging. Therefore, engineers can use it for routine inspections at any time without omission of any blind spot and work effectively for photo taking and measurement regardless of the light conditions.

2. Qualcomm 8-core 5G s smart platform + professional SDK, for continuously enriching app ecology

PX1 supports 5G communication, and can upload thermal imaging pictures and videos anytime and anywhere. It also realizes high-speed and delay-free interconnection to quickly share on-site data and diagnosis results. Provided with professional SDK, PX1 supports industry customers to develop their own platforms based on SDK, such as online targeting/alignment/PQ power quality of large manufacturing enterprises, and other app development, and it is easier to access the enterprise management platform. 

3. Built-in professional App for temperature measurement and analysis, taking thermal imaging photo to analyze quickly and accurately

The professional temperature measurement analysis APP supports one-click generation of test reports, and supports the drawing of image temperature measurement tools. It has 4 thermal imaging modes and 9 pseudo-colors to meet the needs of different users.

4. Solid and Durable, for free and safety

Complying with the MIL-STD-810H standard, the solid and durable PX1 boasts the IP68/IP69K performance (waterproof and dustproof) and 1.5m-drop protection. It is a portable and useful tool, bringing “freedom” to work under harsh conditions such as railways, mines, electric power, petrochemicals, and construction.