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T Series

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Product Information

  • T Series Handheld Thermal Camera User Manual V1.0.2-2021.10.29
    Update date : Aug , 12-2022
  • Technical Data of Handheld Thermal Camera for Smart Power Inspection V1.0.3
    Update date : Sep , 29-2021


  • IRPT_TAS_V115
    Update date : Nov , 04-2021

    The measured temperature analysis application is developed based on the handheld temperature measurement devices, specially designed for the C/M/P series handheld products and adapted to the Windows platform. Functions:

    1. Real-time video preview: Real-time video preview, alarm image capture, photo taking and video recording

    2. Photo preview: Select the folder where the images generated by the handheld infrared camera are located to preview the images

    3. Secondary analysis of infrared thermograph: Image mode, image flip, measured temperature analysis, temperature measurement chart, etc.

    4. Generation of test reports: A test report contains information such as the set shooting parameters, image information and infrared images