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IX2 Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity

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The new InfiRay IX series Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity provides new experiences!

This camera can be used flexibly with a combination of or separation from smartphones according to scenarios, supporting up to 8m* wireless image transmission and operations. 40mK high sensitivity and the 256×192 infrared resolution detector enable the experience of nearly latency-free wireless image transmission. The powerful TAS app, light in weight of 132g and featuring a fitted grip design, supports transmission, screen projection, real-time analysis and other functions.

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  • Features
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Features of IX2 Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity

Wireless Measurement, Unlocking New Scenarios

• Up to 8m* wireless measurement

• Low-latency image transmission below 100ms

• 2 hours of battery life, productivity is always alive

• Clear Thermal Images, Precise Temperature Measurement

• Built-in 12μm 256×192 infrared detector, featuring low power consumption and small size

• 40mK professional-grade high thermal sensitivity, captures smaller temperature differences; wider temperature measurement range of up to 550℃

• 4 image modes + 7 palettes, suitable for temperature observation of different targets and different scenes

• Hard-core Configuration, Easy to Use and Convenient

• IP54 waterproof and dustproof, 2m drop protection, light and slim design that fits your hand, weighing as little as 132g

• Faster Wi-Fi connection with the assistance of Bluetooth; OTA upgrade can be easily completed through the mobile APP

• Professional temperature measurement APP that supports full-scenario applications such as real-time analysis, offline analysis, and wireless screen projection of temperature measurement images,file management.

*The 8-meter image transmission distance is the test value taken when the space is without obstruction.

Application of IX2 Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity

High-End Scientific ResearchEquipment Inspection
HVAC Leak DetectionCircuit Board Repair

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of IX2 Thermal Camera with Wireless Connectivity

Technical SpecificationsIX2
DetectorTypeUncooled VOx
Pixel Pitch12um
Wavelength Range7.5~ 14um
Frame Rate25Hz
Focal Length3.2mm
Aperture (F)1.1
Focusing ModeFixed focus
Focusing Distance0.3m to infinity
Visible Light2 megapixels
PalettesWhite-hot, black-hot, iron red, lava, rainbow, rainbow HC, black-red
lmage Modelnfrared, visible light, PlP, fusion
Communications and Data Storage
Remote Access and ControlCapable of connecting to smart devices via Wi-Fi from up to 8m away
Device CompatibilitySupport mobile phones with iOS 12.0 or above and Android 9.0 or above
Clamp WidthMinimum 131mm/Maximum 172mm
Capture ModeVideo, static image
Image File Format.jpg image (with raw radiation data)
Video File FormatMP4
OTASupport OTA upgrade
Measurement and Analysis
Object Temperature Range-20°C~+150℃, +100°C~ +550℃ (auto)
Measurement Accuracy±2°C or 2% of the reading (whichever is the larger)
Temperature AnalysisLowest temperature/highest temperature/central temperature point, and custom measurement (in support of 3 custom points, 3 custom lines, and 3 custom frames)
Emissivity Settings0.01-1.00
Connecting MethodsWi-Fi, USB Type-C
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Korean, Hungarian, Bapu, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese
ChargingTimeAbout 1.5h
ChargingTemperature0℃~+40℃ (It is prohibited to charge the device in high-temperature environment above 40℃ and low-temperature environment below 0℃)
Charging ModeWi-Fi, USB Type-C
Operating TimeAbout 2h,with charginginstructions
OperatingTemperatureand Humidity10°C~ +50°C
Relative Humidity10%~90%(non-condensing
IP GradeIP54
Drop Protection Test2m drop protection
Shock and VibrationDimensions(HxWxD135.6mm x4lmmx29.1mm
WeightAbout 132g
CompletenessData cablex1,finished productx1

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