InfiRay's Latest: Car Night Vision AI Revealed at CES 2024



Over the last decade, InfiRay, a globally recognized manufacturer of thermal cameras, has consistently advanced its position in the infrared field, achieving notable progress and breakthroughs in microwave and rangefinding technologies. In an exciting announcement, InfiRay declares its participation in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, 2024, where it will unveil the Auto AI Night Vision System, InfiRay NV2, marking its U.S. debut. Through the integration of multiple mature technologies, this product is set to revolutionize nighttime driving safety.


The issue of driving safety at night has long been a focal point. InfiRay's innovations in nighttime driving have garnered significant attention. The remarkable InfiRay NV2 Car Night Vision System promises an enhanced and dependable driving experience for everyday motorists. Equipped with an infrared thermal image sensing unit, it excels in capturing clear images even in complete darkness, proficiently recognizing glare, reflections, and hazes in challenging conditions like rainstorms and dust.



Isaiah Jang, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, expresses, "We're geared up to unveil the most disruptive infrared automotive night vision product at CES 2024. After almost three years of development and optimization, we're finally presenting the finest version. This product aims to elevate the driving safety for all, being easily mountable and affordable."


The Auto AI Night Vision System InfiRay NV2 boasts an exceptional night vision distance of 200 meters and holds an IP67 dustproof and rainproof rating. This signifies its ability to function effectively in all weather conditions, challenging the conventional belief about thermal cameras delivering subpar imaging quality in rain and fog.


This product introduces an exclusive AI-based driving solution, leveraging InfiRay's well-established intelligent precise temperature measurement algorithm AI-Temp and the UHD image algorithm Matrix IV. The intelligent driving solution offers robust features, including intelligent collision warning, target detection, classification, lane line detection, and distance and speed calculation.


Discussing the price, Isaiah confidently states, "We firmly believe that even products several times more expensive may not match the capabilities of InfiRay NV2. You're invited to our booth to experience the most cost-effective automotive night vision device."


Representing InfiRay at CES 2024 is the Xinfrared team, a brand under Raytron, a leader in infrared thermal imaging. Xinfrared holds a prominent position in global consumer-grade thermal imaging and is dedicated to providing infrared technology to every household for a brighter future. Alongside the InfiRay NV2, the team will showcase the world's smallest thermal camera, InfiRay P2 Pro, and the world's smallest thermal monocular, Xinfrared T2 Pro.


InfiRay Booth Information:

Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D           

Booth No. 53959