Portable and Fixable to Assist Temperature Screening - InfiRay® Handheld Thermal Camera C200H

Given the complex global situation of Covid-19, it is the mission of infrared thermal imaging enterprises to provide efficient, easy to use and economical products for infrared temperature screening.

To fully assist the prevention and control of the epidemic and protect the front-line personnel, IRay Technology launched the first high-precision hand-held temperature measurement thermal camera InfiRay® C200H. It not only provides a high-precision (± 0.5 ℃) and non-contact temperature measurement method, but also makes the testing method more flexible (manual patrol and fixed screening are both supported), as well as the deployment more economical.

InfiRay® C200H efficient, easy to use, and economical


InfiRay® C200H Portable and Fixable to Improve Temperature Screening


When fixed installed, it is convenient to screen the body temperature for the orderly stream of people to save manpower.


When handheld, it is convenient to screen the body temperature for the unorderly stream of people and flexible.

InfiRay® C200H not only provides convenient operation and data recording, but also fully demonstrates the design ability of IRay products based on maintaining accuracy, ease of use and economy.


1. InfiRay® C200H has the resolution of 256×192 and the accuracy of ±0.5℃.

Rapid and accurate temperature measurement at a safe distance of 1m+ can reduce the risk of contact infection caused by traditional temperature measurement.

1m measuring range, InfiRay®C200H ensures safe measuring range

2.InfiRay® C200H can be handheld with the highest efficiency of handheld thermal cameras; it can also be fixed to provide abnormal alarm and record dual light data automatically at the same time.

Compared with the frontal temperature gun and other hand-held close range, the monomer detection, C200H has a wide Angle of view, more one-time detection targets, and more remote detection, so as to improve the detection efficiency and safety.

It can be connected to the computer through Type-c interface except for handheld use. When the temperature is detected over 37.3℃, it will automatically take photos and trigger the alarm. The alarm photo is a dual-vision picture, which is stored automatically for easy viewing, archiving, and managing.


InfiRay® C200H Auto High Temp Alarm, LED+Audible Dual Alarm


3.Cost Effective

In many cases, expensive infrared thermal imaging equipment cannot be used for abnormal body temperature screening.

IRay Technology adopts the ultra-small and ultra-low power consumption WLP micromodule products developed independently, which not only meets the requirements of economical efficiency, but also provides 256×192 high resolution, providing a perfect product for more first-line application scenarios -- InfiRay® C200H.

Easy to Use, Quick to Deploy


2.8” Display: patrol more clearly

11H Continuous Working Time: longer battery life, easier to use

56° Wide FOV, Focusing-free Design: quick application, rapid detection

IP54, 2m Drop: prevent accident and reduce cost

InfiRay® provides a comprehensive AI temperature measurement solution to protect health.

InfiRay® provides comprehensive temperature measurement solutions,covering small to large flow scenarios

InfiRay® continuously provides front-line personnel with better thermal imaging temperature measurement solutions and provides the whole industry with more popular and easier products, leading the development of the entire industry.

At present, InfiRay® has established a complete infrared temperature measurement system, which helps epidemic prevention and control and provides more solutions for industrial temperature measurement, fire fighting and prevention, and machine vision.