InfiRay® Releases New Self-Developed Thermal Imaging Cameras

YANTAI, China, June. 20, 2022 -- IRay Technology Co., Ltd (“InfiRay”), a leading brand in the thermal imaging industry, has today announced the release of its new M620 and AT31UZ thermal cameras with art-of-state IRay thermal CMOS technology.


M620 Professional Grade Handheld Thermal Camera for Temperature Measurement

InfiRay® M620 is another upgraded masterpiece of Tianxuan M series! Equipped with a self-developed and guaranteed 12μm infrared detector, it can provide 640×512 high-resolution thermal images. It also has a high sensitivity of 35mK to capture tiny hot spots easily.

Its narrow FOV of 23° is more conducive to medium and long distance measurement. The temperature measurement range is extended to 650°C, which is applicable to power inspection, electronic circuit design, HVAC, industrial manufacturing, petrochemical, new energy batteries, photovoltaic, and other industrial fields.


• Resolution 640×512, clear images with rich details

• NETD up to 35mk, high sensitivity, capture tiny temperature differences

• IFOV is 0.63mrad, no matter the object is far or small

• FOV is 23°×18°, applicable to medium and long distance measurement

• Temperature measurement range -20℃~650℃, suitable for more application scenarios

• The memory supports up to 512G, which can store 270,000 pairs of infrared & visible light images

• Support functions such as isotherm/line temperature measurement real-time trend analysis/intelligent inspection task package/video secondary analysis to improve the intelligence and efficiency of inspection work.

Key Functions Display:

1. Isotherm function: Highlight key temperature ranges, helping to improve the efficiency of fault analysis, scientific research, building exterior wall inspection, etc.


2.Real-time curve analysis of line temperature measurement: It is helpful to judge the temperature change trend of each pixel on the line temperature measurement tool in real time


3. With professional temperature measurement analysis software for video analysis, it is convenient for secondary analysis and fault diagnosis of inspection data anytime and anywhere.


AT31UZ Online Thermal Camera for Ultra-high Temperature Measurement

With InfiRay® self-developed infrared detectors and AI-Temp professional temperature measurement algorithm, AT series ultra-high temperature family can provide clear thermal images and accurate temperature of high-temperature targets up to 1500°C. It adopts the simple industrial housing design for easy installation and standard electrical interface for easy wiring and use. Various fish-eye or standard lenses can meet the observation needs of different distances and ranges. Rich interface protocols are applicable for various monitoring systems and platforms. And it supports secondary development to meet the user's high-temperature monitoring customization needs. AT series can be widely used in metal smelting, industrial furnace temperature measurement, steel rolling, laser welding, and other fields which require high-temperature measurement or monitoring.


• 384×288 infrared resolution, clear image

• 50Hz high frame rate for smooth thermal image data

• Supports high temperature measurement range from 0°C to 1500°C, covering most application scenarios in the industrial field

• A variety of lens configurations to meet the needs of different scene ranges;

• Support ONVIF, GB 28181, Modbus-TCP and Ethernet/IP and other protocols, adapt to various monitoring systems and platforms;

• Provide SDK to support secondary development;

• Equipped with professional temperature measurement analysis software, supports regional temperature data, real-time temperature monitoring, historical data analysis, and helps users to use easily through a variety of analysis tools.