What Can Thermal Security Camera Provide?

Infrared camera surveillance can be a valuable addition to your security solution. They can fill any gaps left by your security guards and ordinary cameras. They work by measuring body temperature, which makes them ideal for poorly lit or wooded areas. Intruders can use bushes or shade to hide from conventional cameras or the naked eye, but they cannot hide the heat from their bodies.

1. About the thermal security camera

Infrared camera monitoring has outstanding advantages such as long night vision distance, strong concealment, and stable performance, so it occupies most of the market in night vision monitoring. In the security TV monitoring system, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, the need for 24-hour continuous monitoring of important places and the maturity of infrared imaging technology, the utilization rate of infrared integrated cameras is getting higher and higher, and it has gradually developed into a kind of trend.

2. The provision of thermal security camera

Clear Image: thermal security camera provides black and white images that security guards can observe on monitors inside buildings or remote security monitoring services that can be located anywhere.

Lower costs: Infrared saves costs. It uses an LED light source that consumes less energy and lasts longer, especially when the camera is installed in remote or inaccessible locations.

Covert viewing: Infrared emits such low levels of visible light that it is difficult for intruders to see and avoid. They are usually exercise activated, further reducing the energy used.

View in harsh conditions: It's not just total darkness that makes these cameras useful. Infrared is ideal if you have an area in a highly shaded area that needs protection, as it works in foggy or smoky environments, especially at the scene of a raging fire. It also reduces glare from headlights or headlights that can blind traditional cameras.

Fewer false positives: Some customers report fewer false positives due to the accuracy and visibility provided by infrared camera monitoring. When there is an intruder, you will be able to see a clear outline of a person. You wouldn't mistakenly call building managers, or worse, law enforcement for a raccoon that roamed your property.

Better ROI: Because thermal imaging cameras can see a wider area and have lower operating costs, businesses can save money on purchasing and maintaining equipment. You can also manage with fewer guards on site as cameras can be monitored remotely.