Unveiling the Future of Infrared Innovation: InfiRay's Showcase at CES 2024



As the world eagerly anticipates the groundbreaking technologies that will shape our future, InfiRay, a leading innovator in infrared solutions, is gearing up to leave an indelible mark at CES 2024. This year's Consumer Electronics Show, scheduled from January 9th to 12th at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, is set to witness the unveiling of cutting-edge thermal imaging devices that redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the world of infrared technology.


Discovering the Beauty of Infrared

InfiRay, a name synonymous with excellence in thermal imaging, aims to captivate CES attendees with a dazzling array of products designed to bring the beauty of infrared into everyday life. Visitors to Booth 53959 on Level 2, Halls A-D, can expect to witness firsthand the marvels of InfiRay's ingenuity.



Showcasing Innovation in Every Pixel

Among the star attractions is the InfiRay P2 Pro, touted as the world's smallest thermal camera. This pint-sized powerhouse promises to revolutionize how we perceive temperature, offering unmatched precision in a compact form factor. Accompanying it is the Xinfrared T2s Plus, an 8mm Temperature Measurement Master, demonstrating InfiRay's commitment to pushing the boundaries of miniaturization.


All-in-One Excellence: Xinfrared One XH09

A highlight of the showcase is the Xinfrared One XH09, a truly versatile all-in-one solution. This device seamlessly integrates multiple functions into a single, user-friendly package, demonstrating InfiRay's dedication to simplifying thermal imaging for a wide range of applications.


Next-Level Tools for Professionals

Professionals in various fields will find indispensable tools in the form of the InfiRay P200 Compact Thermal Camera and the InfiRay C200+ Series Handheld Thermal Imager. The P200 features a rotatory lens for precise temperature measurement, while the C200 Plus supports offline analysis, allowing users to generate detailed reports based on captured thermal images.



Elevating the Outdoor: Finder FH35R

For outdoor enthusiasts, the InfiRay Outdoor Finder FH35R is a game-changer. Boasting improved image quality and user experience, this thermal imager is tailor-made for those who demand top-notch performance and portability.


Sneak Peek into the Future: New Product Releases

InfiRay is set to unveil several exciting new products, including the Xinfrared XH15, positioned as the best thermal solution for under $1000. The Xinfrared XT300 is touted as the world's first Dual-OS Cell Camera. Additionally, the InfiRay NV2, designed to prevent deer collisions and turn night into day, showcases the company's commitment to addressing real-world challenges.


The Vision and Mission of InfiRay

InfiRay's participation in CES 2024 goes beyond product showcases. The company envisions bringing the beauty of infrared technology into households worldwide. With a mission to create incremental value through technological advancement, InfiRay continues to expand human perception capabilities across various industries, from intelligent systems to security, and beyond.


As CES 2024 unfolds, InfiRay invites attendees to embark on a journey into the world of infrared innovation. With a lineup of revolutionary products and a vision to make infrared technology accessible to all, InfiRay is set to make a lasting impression on the global stage.