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Scouter Pro Series Handheld Rangefinder

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Multifunctional Portable Pocket Laser Rangefinder

The Scouter Pro series laser rangefinder has new features such as GPS, Bluetooth, upgraded OLED projection display, reticle, and lighting. Featuring a compact size, lightweight, and excellent performance, the product embraces main functions including telescope, rangefinding, angle measurement, height measurement,two-point rangefinding, target positioning, ballistic calculation, Bluetooth, mobile app, etc.                    

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of Scouter Pro Series Handheld Rangefinder

Advanced Satellite Support:

The Scouter Pro Series Handheld Rangefinder is equipped with support for GPS, Beidou, and GNASS satellite systems, ensuring high-precision global positioning capabilities.

Wireless Connectivity:

Offers seamless connectivity with mobile phone apps and trajectory calculation devices via Bluetooth, enhancing the user's ability to integrate the rangefinder with various smart devices.

Data Transfer:

Facilitates UART data transfer, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of external devices for data sharing and analysis.

Compact and Portable Design:

With dimensions of 81mm in length and 53mm in width, the rangefinder is compact and easy to carry, making it an ideal tool for field use.

User-friendly Interface:

Features a dual-button design that simplifies operation, allowing users to take measurements and navigate through functions with ease.

Mounting Options:

Includes a universal 1/4" tripod socket for secure and stable mounting on various supports, enhancing the device's versatility in different environments.

Durability and Protection:

It has an Ingress protection rating of IP67, which means it is dust-tight and can be submerged in water for short periods without damage.

Safety Features:

Equipped with a laser that has an eye-safe band (type-1), ensuring that the device can be used safely without the risk of eye injury.


An optional neck or hand strap is available for added convenience and to prevent loss or damage.

Additional Functionality:

The device offers ballistic, target positioning, angle, height, two-point calculation, and measurement capabilities, making it a versatile tool for various outdoor activities and professional use.


Applications of Scouter Pro Series Handheld Rangefinder


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform
ModelScouter ProScouter ProScouter Pro
Eye-Safe ClassClass   1
Eye Relief20mm
Receiving Aperture32mm
Laser Wavelength1535nm
Rangefinding Range (For Buildings)30~3500m30~6000m30~10000m
Distance Measuring Accuracy±1m
Measuring Frequency1Hz(scanning   mode 3Hz)
Laser Divergence Angle0.6mrad0.4mrad
Angle Measurement RangeAzimuth   angle:0~359°(±1°);pitch angle:±90°(±1°)
Extemal Power SupplyDC4.5~12V
Battery Type2×16340/1×18650
Battery Life (Normal Temperature)5,000   times
Weight400g(with   battery)
Operating Temperature-40~+55℃
Storage Temperature-50~+65℃
Waterproof GradeP67
Data TransmissionUART   (TTL_3.3V) to USB
Other FunctionsBluetooth   transmission,GPS target&self-positioning,mobile APP ballistic calculation
Product CertiticationCE、RoHS

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