Thermal Imaging Equipment That Can Be Mounted on Mining Robots

At present, most of the inspection and maintenance work in the coal mine scene is done manually, and the complex environment, narrow space, and common water accumulation in the site cause great obstacles to manual inspection; at the same time, due to the low frequency and long interval of manual inspections, so when there is a problem with the equipment, the problem cannot be found in time, which leads to the expansion of the problem.

1. Understand the thermal imaging equipment on mining robots

Mine robots can replace inspectors for reliable inspections. Mining robots and thermal imaging equipment are suitable for coal mine pump rooms, substations, winch rooms and other key underground inspection areas. The robot is equipped with a variety of sensors to collect real-time image, sound, infrared thermal image and temperature data, smoke, various gas concentrations and other parameters; the robot has an intelligent recognition function, and adopts the key technology algorithm of intelligent perception, which can accurately judge the current operating status of the equipment , and based on big data analysis and early warning technology, it can predict and give early warning to coal mine equipment operation failures, and reduce downtime.

The application of artificial intelligence technologies such as pattern recognition, multi-modal perception fusion, deep learning, artificial neural network, etc. makes coal mine robots more and more intelligent. With the continuous development of cloud computing, the Internet and big data, the performance of coal mine robots will be more perfect and the functions will be more powerful.

The combination of coal mine inspection robots and thermal imaging equipment greatly reduces the failure rate of mine equipment, improves production efficiency, and ensures worker safety. Due to the particularity of the coal mine scene, thermal imaging equipment suitable for mounting on mining robots requires intrinsic safety certification. The company's intrinsically safe infrared thermal imaging equipment uses related technologies to limit the circuit energy, so that the sparks or hot surfaces generated by the electrical energy in the electrical equipment are not enough to cause the explosion of substances in the explosive environment, and are suitable for flammable and explosive scenes in coal mines.

2. Thermal imaging equipment is used in coal mine safety monitoring system

With the continuous improvement of the country's requirements for safety production of coal mining enterprises and the needs of their own development, large, medium and small coal mines are successively equipped with mine safety monitoring and monitoring systems. The equipment of the system has greatly improved the mine safety production level and safety production management efficiency, and safe, reliable and accurate data and information can be timely for enterprises to face mine problems. The measures make coal mining work less detours, improve work efficiency, and also improve mining safety factor and prevent hidden dangers of accidents. Thermal imaging equipment has the characteristics of non-contact, accurate temperature measurement and rapidity, and has become an irreplaceable tool in the coal mine safety monitoring system.