Do You Know How Does Car Infrared Camera Work?

1. Who are the car infrared cameras suitable for?

You might be thinking, "I'm a safety driver, why do I need IR cameras in my vehicle? Aren't those just for truck fleets, law enforcement, and military?" While IR cameras are indeed used for fleet safety, law enforcement, and the military, But its technology is very valuable to everyday drivers. As the National Safety Council reports, "the traffic fatality rate at night is three times higher than during the day." Anytime you drive at night, you risk being a part of this statistic, and whether the accident is your fault, the fault of another driver, or an animal crossing the road, you're in danger.

That's why it's so important to use technologies like car infrared camera as in-vehicle night vision systems. Whether you're driving for a convoy, driving for a carpool service, or driving for personal reasons at night and in unsafe road conditions, it's best to have extra protection in place to avoid accidents.

2. How does the car infrared camera work?

Infrared in-vehicle cameras use thermal imaging technology, and according to the Academy of Science and Innovation Research (AcSIR), "An infrared camera is a camera that produces an image of invisible infrared energy that we see as heat, all living things, objects and All materials emit a certain amount of thermal energy.”

This means that these car infrared cameras detect the heat signature from every living being and object and display it to the driver in bright colors on the camera. This high level of detection greatly improves the chances that the driver will be able to avoid obstacles on the road, such as deer or pedestrians. "Infrared cameras represent the captured radiation as a thermogram, a gray or false-color thermal image that depicts thermal changes in an object or scene". These thermal images are images that drivers can use to view objects on the road.

This thermal imaging technology used to be mostly used for military or scientific purposes, but luckily it's more affordable for everyday consumers in the form of infrared dash cams. Not only can these cameras detect these obstacles, but some also support artificial intelligence. AI car dash cam is the latest and greatest in car infrared camera technology and is a very useful tool for night driving.