How to Use Thermal Imaging Device?

1. About thermal imaging device

Thermal imaging device is capable of producing clear images in the darkest nights. Through special calibration, some thermal imaging device can even measure temperature in a non-contact way. Those features make them very suitable for a variety of applications. Thermal imaging device can help you save money. More importantly, thermal imaging device can help save lives.

Thermal imaging device detects the infrared radiation of the object measured and, combined with signal processing and photoelectric conversion, transforms the temperature distribution pattern into a visible image. Thermal imaging device accurately quantifies the actual heat detected, and images the object as a whole in real time, thus enabling accurate identification of suspected trouble areas that are heating up. Operators can determine and analyze the extent of the heating up and the trouble area relying on the colors displayed on the screen and the hot spot tracking function, thus achieving high efficiency and accuracy in identifying the problem.

2. Uses of thermal imaging device

Industry: In industrial environments, thermal imaging device is used to detect hot spots that could lead to electrical and mechanical installation failures. Electrical cabinets and motor control centers are regularly scanned with thermal imaging device. By detecting anomalies at an early stage, production failures can be avoided and money saved. Thermal imaging device is commonly used to inspect electrical systems and components of various sizes and shapes, mechanical installations, pipework, refractory and petrochemical installations, tank level detection, etc.

Construction: Construction professionals use thermal imaging device to look for insulation loss and other construction-related defects. Finding insulation losses and fixing the problem can save a lot of energy. Thermal imaging is an extraordinary tool for locating building defects. It can detect insulation loss, moisture, thermal bridges, leak locating in radiant floor heating systems, plumbing and electrical faults, etc. Thermal imaging device in building industry is powerful and non-invasive, which can monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings, solar panels and windmills. Using thermal imaging device, you can identify problems early, and record and correct them before they become intractable and costlier to repair.

As easy to use as a video or digital camera does, thermal imaging device can offer you a big picture, identify and locate problems, measure temperatures, store information, and tell you exactly what needs to be fixed. It helps you detect faults before they take shape and thus saves you valuable time and money.