Metallurgical Condition Assessment

How to reduce equipment maintenance costs, improve system efficiency and reliability, output signal transfer in time, and prevent downtime due to outages? 

InfiRay has deployed professional and reliable thermal imaging solutions in the metallurgical industry. Our partners in the metallurgical industry have applied InfiRay® thermal imaging cameras in the following applications:

1. Fire prevention of stockpiles: Infrared thermal imaging cameras can quickly determine the location and scale of high-temperature areas for fire-fighting early warning and fire prevention.

2. Coke oven: The coke oven could be corroded and worn during use. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can automatically locate defects and provide abnormal temperature alarms to ensure the health of equipment.

3. Online monitoring for steam pipeline leakage: Affected by steam temperature and high pressure, steam pipelines are prone to cracks or damage to insulation materials. The damaged areas can be easily detected through smart analysis of the infrared thermal camera in an image-based way.

4. Condition monitoring for defects in blast furnace body and hot blast pipe: Infrared thermal imaging camera can detect early defects in time, eliminate potential safety hazards, and clearly locate the repair and damage degree of furnace body defects to simplify the maintenance process.

Metallurgical Condition Assessment