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Infiwave S30-C Coastal & Maritime Surveillance System

  • Infiwave S30-C Coastal & Maritime Surveillance Radar

Infiwave S30-C is a Ku-band pulse doppler system specially used in coastal and maritime surveillance. It has the ability to perform large-area, long-lasting, high-density search and monitoring of marine targets and instantaneous multi-target tracking. It uses a customized AI algorithm, not only It can monitor and classify large, medium and small ships in the sea, and can effectively warn low-altitude drone intrusion. It has many advantages such as high detection accuracy, wide coverage, high installation flexibility, all-day and all-weather work.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of Infiwave S30-C Coastal & Maritime Surveillance System

  • AI intelligence: Electronic phase scanning, autonomous positioning and orientation, ground and low-altitude target classification, excellent ground clutter suppression signal processing algorithm

  • Small target detection: Phased array rapid scanning, high data refresh rate, minimum detection speed 0.2m/s, effective identification and detection of low, small and slow targets

  • Multi-target processing: Active phased array system, with 0~256 batches of multi-target tracking capabilities (optional processor to enhance target tracking capabilities)

  • High precision: Distance accuracy is 3 meters, distance resolution is 10 meters; angle measurement accuracy is 0.3°/0.5°, azimuth resolution is 3°

  • Environmental adaptability: Fully sealed design, excellent performance such as wind resistance, salt spray resistance, rain resistance, damp heat resistance, high reliability, and maintenance-free

  • Easy to deploy: Using Ethernet communication interface, integrated design, easy to deploy, simple to configure, and easy to operate

  • Integration: It can be installed separately or integrated with multiple devices, supporting compatibility to various security monitoring platforms and alarm platforms

Application of Infiwave S30-C Coastal & Maritime Surveillance System

Infiwave S30-C Coastal & Maritime Surveillance Radar

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of Infiwave S30-C Coastal & Maritime Surveillance System

Product  typeInfiwave S30-C
Operating FrequencyKu
Power Transmitted10W
Azimuth Range±45°
Pitch Range8°(machinery ±10°, adjustable)
Velocity Measurement Range0.2m/s-80m/s(radial direction)
Min.Operating Distance90m
Distance Precision3m
Azimuth Angular Precision0.3° or 0.5°(optional)
Typical Target Detection RangeUAV (RCS 0.01㎡)3km
Walking person (RCS 0.5㎡)7km
Small vessel (RCS 4㎡)15km
Middle vessel (RCS 20㎡)20km
Big vessel (RCS 50㎡)30km(optional processor)
Velocity Resolution0.2m/s
Distance Resolution10m
Azimuth resolution
Data Refreshing Rate>10Hz
Power SupplyAC 220V±22V, 50Hz±5Hz Storage battery: DC24V±2.4V
Overall Power Consumption<130W
Ingress protectionIP66
Communication InterfaceNetwork interface
Operating Temperature Range-40℃~+65℃

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