How InfiRay Thermal Imaging Cameras Can Help College Labs?


InfiRay provides professional and reliable thermal imaging camera equipment and solutions for universities, fully meeting the demands of scenarios such as hazardous material storage monitoring, laboratory personnel control, experiment process management, and experiment distribution cabinet monitoring. Our solutions contribute to the advancement of university laboratory development.



Solution Advantages

1)  Achieve true 24/7 unattended operation with no leakage of experimental data through infrared recording, ensuring strong security.

2) Non-contact temperature measurement allows monitoring without sampling or interrupting the experiment process.

3)  Unlike traditional visible light surveillance and smoke detection systems that can only detect fires during the open flame stage, the thermal imaging camera can identify abnormal temperatures during the heating phase or ignition phase, enabling early warnings.

4)  Support linkage with various alarm devices, pushing timely and efficient alerts for anomaly detection.


Application Scenarios

I. Hazardous Material Storage Monitoring

Chemical Storage Cabinets

1. Install thermal imaging cameras in compartments of chemical storage cabinets for real-time temperature monitoring of chemicals.

2. The equipment supports networking, enabling centralized temperature monitoring and management in the backend.

3. Accompanied by sound and light alarms, the system produces audible and visual alerts upon detecting abnormal temperatures inside the cabinet.



Chemical Warehouses

1. Day and Night Monitoring Enable round-the-clock surveillance, reducing the need for manual security patrols and enhancing nighttime monitoring in blind spots.

2. Smoke Detection Real-time detection of nearby smokers, promptly alerting to ignition points.

3. Hazardous Material Temperature Monitoring Monitor the real-time temperature of hazardous materials stored in the warehouse, notifying personnel of unusual temperature changes for appropriate action.

4. Gas Leak and Emission Detection Infrared gas imagers quickly scan large areas to remotely and non-intrusively identify gas leak points, providing real-time and precise location information.

5. Fire Rescue During a fire, when heavy smoke obscures visibility, thermal imaging cameras' ability to penetrate smoke aids in rescue and evacuation efforts.



II. Laboratory Personnel Control

a. Linked Access Control: Authorized personnel only access the laboratory.

b. Attendance Records: Backend queryable record support.


III. Experiment Process Management

a. Acquiring Experiment Data

Chemical reactions involve the exchange of energy with the environment in the form of heat. Studying energy changes in chemical reactions primarily focuses on heat. Thus, monitoring heat changes in chemical reactions is a vital concern for university laboratories and research institutions.

For chemical reagent testing, ensure the temperature stretch switch is activated. Set the low temperature higher than room temperature for clearer temperature details.


98% Concentrated Sulfuric Acid


80% Concentrated Sulfuric Acid


b. Experiment Table Temperature Monitoring

Abnormal chemical reactions can lead to explosions, often preceded by temperature increases. Monitoring the temperature of chemical experiment tables can provide early temperature rise alerts to researchers, allowing them more time to react.  


1)Set temperature measurement areas based on experimental apparatus profiles; temperature data for each area is displayed within its designated frame.  

2) Support flexible temperature measurement points, lines, and areas.

3) Configure individual alarm mechanisms for each area based on user-defined temperature thresholds, providing alert notifications.


IV. Experiment Distribution Cabinet Monitoring

Monitor devices, cables, and electrical switch contacts within distribution cabinets for signs of oxidation, loose connections causing increased contact resistance and heating, or increased losses due to deteriorating insulation.



As a leader in uncooled infrared thermal imaging technology, InfiRay leverages advanced technology and production capabilities to offer smaller, lower-power, higher-performance, and cost-effective thermal imaging camera products and professional infrared imaging solutions. Our goal is to promote the widespread application of infrared thermal imaging technology across various sectors, empowering myriad industries.