Infrared Camera Surveillance is Part of a Home Security System

1. About infrared camera surveillance

Infrared camera surveillance may be able to produce high-resolution thermal security images, but this feature alone is not an effective deterrent to potential intruders. Therefore, it is recommended to connect your IR camera to a wider home security system. For example, you can integrate new infrared cameras into a wider home security network, including motion sensors, security alarms, door and window opening sensors, or automatic emergency lighting features.

2. Infrared camera surveillance in home security monitoring system

High-resolution video images are an integral part of an effective home security monitoring system. With the right IR camera installed, you'll be able to gather clear evidence of what's going on around your home, day and night. But hook up your IR camera surveillance to your wider home security system and they'll help ensure you don't need to get into that stage. Instead, you might just be able to stop any potential burglars or intruders before they have a chance to target your property.

You may want to consider installing infrared camera surveillance as part of an integrated smart home security setup. This way, you have complete control over the subsequent triggering of other elements in your home security system, whether they are emergency lighting functions or security alarms. For example, if your security camera does detect an infrared profile outside your home, the smart system can send you a notification through a designated app on your smart device. You will then be able to view live infrared video streams from security cameras directly on the screen of your smart device of choice.

What's more, choose the right smart features and you won't be constantly notified about completely normal activity around your home. Many of the latest infrared security cameras will feature motion detection technology that will allow them to distinguish, for example, between non-suspicious animal motion in a home and a potentially threatening human intruder. Additionally, you might want to incorporate facial recognition into your infrared camera surveillance. This way, if you view surveillance footage in real time through a connected smart device, you will be able to tell if the security system recognizes the IR profile.

This infrared camera surveillance feature even works at night. This is because infrared imaging responds to heat sources, not light sources. So we may be completely blind in the dark, but your infrared security system will still be effective in keeping your home and family safe.