• T2 thermal camera for smartphone is specially designed for outdoor use and is a must for survival in the wild. It can quickly identify the beasts hidden in the grass or night and is applicable in night hiking, camping, and observing. To search for the missing partners, T2 can find targets at night over 150 meters.

  • Medical Thermography

    InfiRay® health. Early screening of breast cancer, determination of the range of skin diseases, detection of limb thrombus,assistant diagnosis of upper respiratory tract, pathological screening of pain department, etc.

  • Disruptor: P2 breaks the limit of the original thermal camera for smartphone. It is thinner, lighter, smaller, and stronger, combining technologies into your pocket. P2 brings you a totally different world in home inspection, scientific research, temperature measurement, and night vision.

  • HVAC

    InfiRay® Building. InfiRay® thermal cameras can identify where bulges, cracks, blockings, and leakages that lie in buildings and heating and cooling equipment quickly and effortlessly. Reduce warranty costs and maximize HVAC energy efficiency.

  • XVIEW handheld thermal camera is only 198g and has temperature measurement + night vision functions, suitable for security, electrical and mechanical maintenance, electrical inspection, industrial temperature measurement, outdoor adventure, etc.

  • Designed for outdoor, animal observation, night running, riding, etc. XDV can be easily controlled with one hand, and can also be directly connected to an Android smartphone.