With an 11,000m Ultra-Long Measuring Distance and 48h Operating Duration, InfiRay Forest Fire Prevention Thermal Imaging Solution With Night Vision Function

Forest fire causes great losses, and general artificial means can hardly cover the entire forest due to the large size of forests. In addition, common security cameras with no thermal imaging functions cannot accurately detect fire sources, causing omission and missed inspections. Today, forest fire prevention is becoming more informatized, scientific, and modernized, and dual-spectrum thermal imaging monitoring devices become the first choice for forest fire prevention.

Infiray Forest Fire Prevention Thermal Imaging Solution With Night Vision Function

Solution Application

1.  The thermal imaging monitoring device with the PT4 Midium-load PTZ Thermal Camera is set up at the high ground of the region to be observed

2.  Network bridges can be adopted for outdoor network connections to implement more flexible device deployment

3.  The track for the PTZ to follow is configured for the inspection of mountains

4.  Switches are configured to connect back-end devices such as the IVS/NVR to implement functions including video recording, smart analysis, and linkage alarms

5. Mainstream protocols such as Onvif/GB 28181 are supported to access the customers' own platforms for all-weather monitoring

With An 11 000m Ultra Long Measuring Distance And 48h Operating Duration

System Topology

System Topology

Solution Strengths

1.  Thermal imaging monitoring is of strong anti-interference capability, able to provide forest detection in dark night and harsh weathers such as rainy, foggy, cloudy, and snowy weathers

2.  The 1.3-megapixel HD infrared detector with the resolution of 1280×1024 has a detecting range of 11km

3.  Binocular imaging, combining 4-megapixel visible light camera with continuous zoom lenses to achieve coaxial linkage zoom

4.  Tracks can be preset for scanning to implement automatic inspection and save manpower and material resources

5.  Smart fire point detection is supported to achieve automatic alarms, prompt detection, and fire report

6.  Protocols of Onvif and GB 28181 are supported for secondary development or connection to existing platforms

Product Recommendation

PT4 Medium-load PTZ Thermal Camera

PT4 Medium-load PTZ Thermal Camera

1.  Dual-spectrum imaging with 12μm infrared detector for farther and clearer thermal images

2.  Maximum thermal imaging resolution of 1280×1024 and 1.3-megapixel ultra-clear technology

3.  Infrared lens of the fixed 75mm focal length and continuous zoom from 25mm to 75mm, enabling remote fire point detection

4.  4-megapixel visible light camera, with a resolution of 2688×1520 and lens of 35× optical zoom

5.  High-speed and high-accuracy PTZ, supporting preset scanning, pattern scanning, patrol scanning, linear scanning, and 360º scanning

6.  17 scanning tracks in which speed can be configured for 7×24h inspection

7.  Smart fire point detection, hot spot and cold spot tracing, coaxial linkage zoom, border-and crossing tripwire detection, to satisfy the need for forest fire prevention and smart fire control