What Is Infrared Security Camera? How Does It Work?


Infrared security camera can provide clear and detailed images and videos even in complete darkness. If you are looking for the best home infrared security camera or an infrared security camera system, you can find the ideal devices here. What are infrared security camera? How do they work?


I. Understand Infrared security camera


Infrared security cameras are able to detect this thermal radiation and trace the contours of the entity emitting it. Infrared security camera, also known as IR CCTV cameras, are cameras used for video surveillance. They can provide clear and recognizable videos in areas with low or no light. So this means that infrared security cameras will be able to detect the silhouette of anyone in the field of view, even at night. The result will be precise thermal images, created by your thermal imaging camera's high-tech image capture technology.

II. How do infrared security camera work?


Infrared security camera detects infrared radiation or photons from objects which has a temperature over -273.15℃. After that, they convert the photons into electrons, which are then converted into the images we see on our phones or displays. The performance of outdoor infrared security camera is not affected by fog or heavy rain that can block light and blur the images of other non-infrared security cameras.

Thermal imaging cameras do not use a flash for nighttime thermal imaging. This means infrared security camera is a subtle but effective part of your security system. With infrared security camera, you can monitor bunkers and warehouses, steelworks, buildings as well as open spaces and plants to detect critical temperature changes at an early stage. A significant contribution to the safety of people, plants and the environment. Furthermore, infrared security camera enables the detection of unauthorized persons on private property or in restricted zones.