The Outbreak of African Swine Fever? InfiRay Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

The Philippines has recently announced a one-year national disaster status due to the outbreak of Africa swine fever. African swine fever is an acute infectious disease caused by filterable viruses and is widely seen in swineries and large livestock farms. In 2018, the African swine fever enters China and quickly spread, bringing a great impact on the farming industry in China.

The Outbreak Of African Swine Fever Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

Thermal Cameras in Smart Farming 

Playing an Important Role

The body temperature is the basic indicator for determining whether the pigs are healthy. The monitoring of pigs' body temperature can effectively help prevent diseases and determine the mating season.

Disease Prevention and Control

Swine fever features a wide range, quick disease development, and high mortality. Delayed discovery of the disease will cause death to a large number of pigs and enormous economic losses to the pig farm.

Most diseases change the body temperature of pigs, and the body temperature rise occurs prior to other symptoms for many diseases, especially some infectious diseases. Thermal cameras are extremely important in disease prevention and control for pigs. They help personnel promptly get the optimal timing for treatment and quarantine for the infectious source.

Outbreak Of African Swine Fever Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

Determining the Mating Season 

Thermal cameras can detect the body temperature change before and after the ovulation of sows to determine the exact time of ovulation. In this way, mating can be better implemented according to the timing, to increase the litter size.

Main Temperature Measurement Products in Pig Farming Industry 

Veterinary Thermometers 

Advantages: Low price; accurate measurement accuracy 

Disadvantages: Complex operations, low efficiency; non-continuous temperature measurement, non-intelligence; not suitable for scaled use

Thermometers for Single-point Measurement 

Advantages: Low price; installation-free; non-contact measurement 

Disadvantages: Low accuracy; need to be held by personnel during measurement, not intelligent; affected by many factors; not suitable for scaled use

Electronic Doctors

Advantages: Low price; high measurement accuracy; capable of continuous body temperature monitoring 

Disadvantages: Installation in the ears of pigs, high installation cost; Affecting the pigs to a certain degree; Not suitable for fat pigs and piglets; Not suitable for reuse

New Mode of Infrared-Assisted Farming

InfiRay thermal cameras feature non-contact measurement, accurate measurement, and quick measurement of multiple points. They can effectively improve the measurement efficiency and avoid causing animal discomfort, suitable for temperature measurement of scaled farms.

For large farms, the AT300 thermal cameras can be installed on robots of suspended rails for patrol temperature measurement of all animals.

Of African Swine Fever Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

Field experiment of the AT300 on the farm

InfiRay provides professional thermal imaging solutions not only for smart farming of pigs, but also for modern farming of other animals such as cows, chickens, and horses.

African Swine Fever Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

Mastitis Detection for Dairy Cows 

Mastitis is a commonly seen disease in dairy cows. Inflammation will cause obvious temperature rise, and therefore thermal cameras can quickly detect individual cows carrying mastitis. 

Solution: A rail is installed at the parlor or the cowshed, and two AT series thermal cameras are installed on the rail. The installed cameras will be at the two sides of the cow's breasts when they are moved to the position of a cow to be measured.

Temperature Distribution Measurement in the Chicken House

The ambient temperature has a great impact on the growth of chickens. A chicken house usually has a large area and is layered, causing it difficult to keep the temperature consistent, and the measurement in different areas is inaccurate. Thermal cameras can detect the temperature value of every pixel in the screen, suitable for the temperature distribution measurement in chicken houses.

Solution: The AT300 thermal cameras are installed on the roof of the chicken house, and multiple temperature measurement areas are configured. The maximum and minimum values in each area are recorded. If the temperature in an area is higher/lower than the normal value, personnel can adjust the temperature accordingly.

Swine Fever Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

InfiRay AT the series thermal camera

High accuracy of ±0.3°C: The InfiRay patented high-accuracy temperature measurement algorithm is of both high accuracy and stability, which has been proved in the human body temperature measurement during the epidemic;   

High level of intelligence: Abundant intelligent algorithms and functions are available, and various SDKs are provided for device integrators and partners to quickly apply the product; 

Full range of products: Resolutions of 384×288, 640×512, and 1280×1024 are available, and multiple lenses can be equipped, satisfying applications in various scenarios.

Fever Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

In addition to online thermal cameras, InfiRay also provides handheld thermal cameras. Tianxuan M600 handheld thermal cameras are equipped with the built-in 640×512 infrared thermal detector and the 5-megapixel visible light camera, featuring 35mK thermal sensitivity and a 30Hz high frame rate. It has accurate manual focusing, precise data, and clear images, satisfying farms' needs in temperature measurement and device maintenance. InfiRay also provides high-accuracy thermal imaging modules, such as LT384H/LT640H and MicoIII 384H/640H to satisfy the needs of different customers.

Infiray Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

Thermal Cameras Help Create Smart Farming

InfiRay has a complete thermal temperature measurement product system from smart farming to industrial temperature measurement to fire prevention and control and is able to provide full and professional thermal temperature measurement solutions. With its advanced technology and capability of mass production, InfiRay empowers various industries. If you have any need, please call +86-400-998-3088.