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X Band 48-ch TR Module

  • X Band 48-ch TR Module
  • X Band 48-ch TR Module
  • X Band 48-ch TR Module
  • X Band 48-ch TR Module

This product is a 48-channel X Band TR module, including 48 independent transceiver channels (8×6 arrangement), liquid cooling plate and wave controlled energy storage version.

  • Specifications
  • Specifications
Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of X Band 48-ch TR Module

X-Band 48-ch TR Module
Operating FrequencyX-band
Operating BandwidthF0±2000 MHz≤200ns
Time between receiving closing and transmitting opening≤200ns
Collector port voltage standing wave ratio≤2.0:1
Antenna port voltage standing-wave ratio≤1.8:1
Digital phase shifter6 bits
RMS phase shift ≤5.625°
Digital attenuation (Transmitting and receiving both can attenuation)6 bits, stepping 0.5dB
Attenuator RMS deviation ≤1dB
Transmitting spurious suppressionFar Spurious≤-70dBc
Close Spurious≤-75dBc
Receiving spurious suppressionFar Spurious≤-70dBc
Close Spurious≤-75dBc
Transmitting input maximum level
Transmission output peak power≥40dBm(Normal)
Transmit power pulse in pulse drop≤1.5dB(pulse width 100us, duty ratio 20%)
Transmitting output power fluctuates within the frequency band≤±0.7dB
Transmitting channel amplitude consistency≤±0.7dB
Transmit channel amplitude modulation ratio≥70dBc
Module 0 state phase consistency≤±25°
Phase noise deterioration≤3dB
The power of the receiving branch limiter≥47dBm(Pulse)
Receive channel 0 state gain18±1.5dB(Normal)
Change of receiving channel 0 state gain at high and low temperature≤+5dB(Low temperature)
≥-3dB(High temperature)
Gain fluctuation in the frequency band of the receiving channel≤±1.5dB
0 state receiving channel Consistency between channels≤±1.5dB
Phase consistency after phase matching≤±10°
Amplitude consistency after amplitude matching≤±1dB
Noise coefficient of receiving channel (Z105)≤3.5dB(Normal)
≤4.2dB(Full temperature)
Third-order intercept(input -50dBm)≤-70dBc(Normal)
Module Efficiency≥25%(20% duty ratio)
Module channel isolation≥40 dB
Module Power Consumption≤780W(20% duty ratio)
Module air tightness requirements≤1×10-6Pa.(m3)/s
Large pulse width continuous work assessment time1h(Cooling surface temperature≥70℃)
Wave-controlled response time (excluding data reception)≤10us(clock 20MHz)
Wave-controlled response time (excluding data reception)Yes
After the initial power-on, the components work in standby state
Cooling modeThe surface cooling

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