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MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner Module

  • MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Temp Camera
  • MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Temp Camera
  • MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Camera Fever Screening
  • MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner

Cherry Chip, Tiny Titan 

Micro III 384 TH/640 TH uses a unique technology and optimized circuit to roll out a product that is extremely compact, lightweight, and low power-consuming. Meanwhile, Matrix III patented image algorithm and patented intelligent temperature measurement algorithm are adopted to output more precise temperature data. Rich data interfaces and comprehensive analysis functions make it easy to operate and integrate, providing new solutions for infrared thermal imaging products in various industries.

Ultra-small, ultra-light, and ultra-low power consumption  

Resolution: 384×288/640×512

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  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner Module

  • Unique features: Cherry chip, tiny titan 

The component features extreme compactness (26×26×22mm), regular appearance, aligned optical center and geometric center, and cherry size, which make it easier to integrate. 

Extremely light weight (< 20g) makes light UAVs, small-size handheld observation devices, and machine division devices even more powerful. 

Extremely low power consumption (power consumption at a full-frame rate of 50Hz < 900mW) solves heat dissipation problems of a system and brings great technical advantages. 

  • Satisfying integrator's demands in the aspects of scope and accuracy

Strong performance

Wide-range temperature measurement ( -20°C~+550°C) easily meets the requirements of various industrial application scenarios. 

High measurement accuracy (±3°C or ±3% of the reading) meets the requirements of temperature measurement applications in all industrial scenarios. 

High frame rate (50Hz) ensures smooth playback of videos when objects moving at a high speed or with temperature rapidly changed are observed, which improves the detection efficiency and data reliability. 

High sensitivity (0.05°C) make it possible to distinguish more details while providing HD images or can detect targets at a longer distance. 

By virtue of Matrix III intelligent image algorithm, it not only provides accurate temperature data but also makes image details clearer. 

  • All required interfaces, measurement modes, environmental directives, and secondary development 

Rich data interfaces (including 5 categories) make the component adapted to more platforms, and shorten the R&D period, thus reducing the R&D cost. 

Six measurement modes help engineers conduct more professional and comprehensive temperature analysis, without any temperature anomalies missed. 

Comply with the requirements of RoHS environmental directives and can be exported with ease. 

SDKs are provided and language and reticle can be customized, which is practical and benefits the users.

Video of MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner Module

Applications of MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner Module

MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner Module Applications

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of MicroIII384TH/640TH Thermal Body Scanner Module

Detector TypeVOx Uncooled Infrared FPA
Pixel Pitch12μm
Frame Rate50Hz /30Hz
Response Spectra8~14μm
NETD≤50mK@25℃, F#1.0(≤40mK optional)
Brightness & Contrast
PolarityBlackhot / whitehot
Digital Zoom1.0~8.0×continuing zooming (step 0.1)
Image ProcessingShutter-less(8)
Digital filtering/noise reduction
Image flipRight-left/Up-down/Diagonal
Power Supply
Supply Voltage4~5.5VDC
Expansion boards support 3.5~18VDC
Typical Supply Voltage4VDC
Power ProtectionOver-voltage/Under-voltage/Reverse Connection
Video OutputAnalog video1 channel PAL Or 1 channel NTSC
Digital videoBT.656
14Bit or 8Bit LVCMOS
Serial Communication
Key4 keys
Temperature Measurement Function
Measuring Range0~60℃
Measuring Accuracy±0.5℃@ target temperature 33℃~42℃;
±1.0℃@ target temperature 20℃~33℃;
±1.0℃@ target temperature 42℃~50℃
Measuring ToolsSpot, line, Area
Physical Property
Weight (without lens and
expansion board)
Size (without lens)26mm × 26mm
Environmental adaptation
Operating Temperature-10℃~+50℃(16℃~32℃ for accurate temperature measurement)
Storage Temperature-45℃~+85℃
Humidity5~95%, non-condensing
Vibration6.06g, Random vibration, all axial direction
Shock80g, 4ms, Final peak sawtooth wave, 3 axial 6 direction

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