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MicroIII High Resolution Thermal Camera Module

  • microiii 384t 640t high resolution thermal camera module 1
  • microiii 384t 640t high resolution thermal camera module 2
  • microiii 384t 640t high resolution thermal camera module 3
  • microiii 384t 640t high resolution thermal camera module 4
  • microiii 384t 640t high resolution thermal camera module 5

Cherry size, unique design.

Ultra-small, ultra-light, and ultra-low power consumption.

Resolution:640x512/384x288/ 256x192

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of Micro III High Resolution Thermal Camera Module

Cherry size, unique design

  • The component features ultra-small size (26×26×22mm), regular appearance, aligned optical center, and geometric center. The cherry size makes it easier to integrate. 

  • The ultra-light weight (<20g) provides powerful assistance for light UAVs, small observation devices, and machine vision devices. 

  • The ultra-low power consumption (<900mW at a full-frame rate of 50Hz) solves its heat dissipation problems and brings great technical advantages. 

Satisfy integrators' demands in the aspects of range and precision  

  • Wide-range temperature measurement (-20°C~+550°C) easily meets the requirements of various industrial application scenarios.  

  • High measurement accuracy (±3°C or ±3% of the reading)  meets the requirements of temperature measurement applications in various industrial scenarios.

  • High frame rate (50Hz) supports smooth videos when objects moving at a high speed or with temperature rapidly changed are observed, which improves the detection efficiency and data reliability. 

  • High sensitivity (0.04°C) makes it possible to distinguish more details while providing HD images and can detect targets at a longer distance. 

  • By virtue of Matrix III intelligent image algorithm, it not only provides accurate temperature data but also makes image details clearer. 

Required interfaces, measurement modes, environmental directive, and secondary development. All you want is here.

  • Rich and flexible data interfaces (including 5 categories) make the module adaptive to more platforms, and shorten the R&D period, thus reducing the R&D cost. 

  • 6 measurement modes help engineers conduct more professional and comprehensive temperature analysis, without any temperature anomalies missed. 

  • It complies with the requirements of RoHS environmental directive and can be exported with ease. 

  • SDKs provided allow you to customize language and reticle, which is practical and beneficial.

Applications of Micro III High Resolution Thermal Camera Module


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of Micro III High Resolution Thermal Camera Module

ModelMicroIII 640TMicroIII 384TMicroIII 256L
Performance IndicatorUncooled VOx infrared detector
Image AdjustmentManual/Automatic\
18 types\
1.0~8.0× continuous zoom (step size: 0.1)\
Digital noise reduction/digital detail enhancement
Temperature Measurement-20°C~+150°C,0°C~+550°C
±3°C or ±3% of reading (The greater shall prevail) @ ambient temperature -20°C~+60°C ±0.5°C @ target temperature 33°C~42°C (±0.3°C with blackbody)±3°C or ±3% of reading (The greater shall prevail) @ ambient temperature -20°C~+60°C
10 settable fixed points/Full-screen high and low temperature capture/Center point temperature measurement/Analysis for 12 linesor areas/Isothermal analysis\
Power Supply4-6V DC/5-24V DC supported by extension component\
Overvoltage, undervoltage, and reverse connection protection supported by user extension component\
<1.0W (without extension component) /<1.2W (with extension component)<0.9W (without extension component) /<1.1W (with extension component)~0.35W
Interface1-channel PAL/NTSC system\
BT.656/14 bit or 8 bit LVCOMS/LVDS/MIPI/CameraLinkMIPI 2lane/8bit LVCMOS

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