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M300 Handheld Thermal Camera

  • M300 Handheld IR Camera
  • M300 Handheld Thermal
  • M300 Handheld Thermal Imaging Device
  • M300 Wireless Temperature System
  • M300 Wireless Thermometer Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Check clearly, solve quickly. Built-in 110,000-pixel VOx infrared detector, optimized circuit, MatrixIII intelligent image processing algorithm, and patented measurement algorithm work together to provide clearer temperature images as well as more accurate and stable temperature measurement data; intelligent touchscreen, manual focusing lens, dual-spectrum, and multiple analysis functions ensure accurate test results and efficient analysis, diagnosis, and processing.

Measurement range: -20°C~+550°C 

Image mode: thermal imaging, thermal fusion, visible light, PIP  

Infrared resolution: 384×288 

Pixel size: 12μm 

Focal length: 6.2mm

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  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of M300 Handheld Thermal Camera

Better performance makes M300 greater 

  • With 384×288 thermal resolution, thermal sensitivity of 0.05℃, and 44 ° FOV, M300 can display rich details that low resolution products cannot, and makes sure the abnormal temperature targets were not missed.

  • Manual focusing provides clear images of targets from far to near, especially for observing tiny near targets.

  • 3.5" LCD HD (640×480) capacitive touch screen, brightness adjustable, easy to observe and analyze.

  • Measurement range up to -20°C~+550°C. From building detection to automotive maintenance, it is adaptive to various scenes and purposes. There is no need to switch equipment, to ersave costs, and improve efficiency.

  • Powerful image fusion function with the 5-megapixel visible light camera provides more comprehensive and richer information, easier for observation under complex conditions.

Intelligent analysis. Discover more within the image

  • Support WiFi transmission. After connected to mobile phone APP, it can analyse and share thermal images and temperature data at any time and anywhere.

  • Intelligent PC analysis software supports the resetting of the measurement parameters. Click to form the detection report, convenient for data sorting, analysing, and mining.

Professional design, expert's choice, choose to be an expert

  • It supports both screen-touch and button operation. The touch panel is clear to see, easy to use, and convenient to analyse the data. The physical buttons are user-friendly and convenient to operate with gloves.

  • The operation interface is clear and user friendly. It can be easily operated without training.

  • It needs only one button to take photos or videos. Voice annotation is supported to perfectly restore the scene and simplify the complicated work procedures.

  • The large capacity 4500mAh battery in M300 is designed to be quickly detachable. Each M300 is shipped with two batteries and a charging dock, to meet heavy daily usage.

  • 3.5-inch LCD high definition (640×480) capacitive touch screen, with adjustable screen brightness, is more convenient for observation and analysis.

  • Compact and robust design with IP54 protection and 2m dropproof. All these are to ensure you can work without worry.

  • Dual modes support hand-held operation and fixed operation on the tripod, flexible and reliable.

  • Laser pointer can locate targets quickly and accurately, improving inspection efficiency.

  • Built-in high/low-temperature alarm supports user-defined alarm temperature.

Video of M300 Handheld Thermal Camera

Applications of M300 Handheld Thermal Camera

M300 For Handheld IR Camera

M300 Handheld Thermal Camera Applications

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of M300 Handheld Thermal Camera

Detector TypeVOx Uncooled infrared FPA detector
Detector Resolution384×288
Spectral Band8~14μm
Pixel Pitch12μm
Frame Rate25Hz
Focusing ModeManual focusing
Measuring Range-20 ℃~+550 ℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% of the reading (whichever is the greater)
Measurement ToolsCentral spot measurement/Hotspot and cold spot tracing
Image ModesIR, Visible, PIP,Fuse
Temperature AlarmFull frame high/low temperature alarm
Secondary AnalysisEquipped with PC and app analysis software for secondary analysis of data
WiFiSupport WiFi data transmission
Screen Size3.5” LCD (640×480) touch screen
LaserLaser pointer
StorageStandard 32GB SD card
Tripod SupportYes, at the bottom of the handle
Operating Time4h, @25℃ indoor
Charging TimeAbout 3h, @25℃ indoor
Operating Temperature-10°C~+50°C
Storage Temperature-20°C~+60°C
Operating HumidityRelative humidity 10%~95%, non-condensing
Drop Protection2m
IP EncapsulationIP54

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