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LT 384H/640H Temperature Sensing Camera

  • LT 384 H/640H Thermal Camera Body Temperature Measurement
  • LT 384 H/640H Thermal Body Temperature Measurement System
  • LT 384 H/640H Thermal Body Temperature Detector
  • LT 384 H/640H Thermal Body Temperature Measurement

LT Series Temperature Measurement Uncooled Thermal Module has more stable and reliable temperature measurement performance than others in the industry. It provides uncompatible high-definition image, and its better electrical performance and richer data application interfaces are very suitable for application scenarios that have strict requirements on the core of infrared thermal imaging.

High temperature measurement performance, accuracy up to ±0.5°C (with black body ±0.3°C), to meet various future needs.

Various electrical properties, rich interfaces, and wide application range.

Professional software support to improve development efficiency.

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  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of LT 384H/640H Temperature Sensing Camera

  • High performance to meet various future demands 

Self-developed high-performance, high-resolution, and high-sensitivity Vox detector 

Wide temperature measurement range (-20°C~+550°C) allows monitoring of industrial targets with high-temperature requirements.  

Real-time full-frame temperature output with measurement accuracy up to ±0.5°C (±0.3°C with blackbody) ensures high accuracy.  

Working with patented intelligent temperature measurement algorithms, the two calibration modes, manual and automatic, ensure the measurement accuracy and help improve efficiency. 

Lenses with varying focal lengths are available for use either in space-limited areas or for monitoring small targets. Quality infrared images are output to meet detection requirements. 

  • Diversified electrical characteristics and rich interfaces for wide application scope  

It is compact, lightweight, and easy to install in space-limited areas, without load generated to the detected equipment. 

Standard USB ports (optional) are supported to transmit on-site temperature data in real time without complex wiring at the back-end.  

Support multiple image and temperature output interfaces, enabling fast image and temperature data transmission and improving efficiency. 

  • Professional software support for higher development efficiency 

Windows/Linux/Android SDKs are provided for users' secondary development, which is practical and benefits the users.  

Professional analysis software can show measurement results for more points, lines, and areas. Isothermal analysis, high-temperature alarm, and other functions simplify data acquisition at the back-end and facilitate more flexible applications with reduced cost.

Video of LT 384H/640H Temperature Sensing Camera

Applications of LT 384H/640H Temperature Sensing Camera

LT 384H/640H Temperature Sensing Camera Applications

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of LT 384H/640H Temperature Sensing Camera

Detector TypeVOx Uncooled Infrared FPA Detector
Pixel Pitch17μm14μm
Frame Rate50Hz25Hz
Response Spectra8~14μm
Image Adjustment
Brightness, Contrast AdjustmentManual/Auto0(default)/Auto1
PolarityBlack hot/white hot
PaletteOptions for 18 palettes
Digital Zoom1.0~8.0×Continuous zoom(step length 0.1)
Image FlipLeft and right/up and down/diagonal
Selection Interested Areaavailable
Image ProcessingNon-uniformity correction
Digital Filter and Imaging Denoising
Digital detail enhancement
Temperature Measurement Function
Measuring Range0℃~60℃
Measurement Accuracy±0.5℃@target temperature of 33℃~42℃;
±1.0℃@ target temperature of 20℃~33℃;
±1.0℃@ target temperature of 42℃~50℃
Measurement Tools10 fixed spots can be set
Highest/lowest temperature capture in the full screen
Center temperature capture
12 lines/areas analysis tools
1 isotherm analysis tools
Temperature CorrectionManual/Auto
Power Supply
Supply Voltage4~6VDC
Expansion components support 5~24VDC
Typical Supply Voltage4VDC
Expansion components support 12VDC
Power ProtectionOver-voltage/Under-voltage/Reverse Connection
Typical Consumption @25℃Without expansion components<1.4W
With expansion components<1.7W
Video OutputAnalog videoOne channel PAL or NTSC
Digital videoBT.656
14 bit or 10bit LVCMOS
14 bit or 10bit LVDS
Expansion ComponentUSB3.0/LAN/CameraLink/ LVDS/LVCMOS
Serial Communication InterfaceRS-232
Physical characteristics
Weight (without lens)(cores with network board excluded)<90g
Size (without lens) (cores with network board excluded)44.5mm × 43mm(W×H)
Environmental Adaptation
Operating Temperature-10℃~60℃(18℃~25℃for accurate temperature measuring)
Storage Temperature-40℃~+80℃
Vibration4.3g, random vibration, all axial
Shock40g,11ms, final peak sawtooth wave, 3 axial 6 direction

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