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Ku Band 8-ch Miniaturized Phased Array Transceiver Unit

  • Ku Band 8-ch Miniaturized Phased Array Transceiver Unit

The K-under band transceiver unit features signal amplification, amplitude control, phase control, signal distribution/synthesis, minus electricity and power fail protection, single-channel power modulation, Tx/Rx amplitude and phase control, and data isolation. With a high-density integrated design, this unit is compact, lightweight with dense channels. Though small in size, it delivers superior performance, such as high phase shift accuracy and high output power.

  • Specifications
  • Specifications
Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of Ku Band 8-ch Miniaturized Phased Array Transceiver Unit

Product  typeKu Band 8-Channel Miniaturized Phased Array Transceiver Unit
Operating frequencyku
Rx, Tx, and load
Rx gain≥16.5dB
Rx noise factor≤3.5dB
Rx gain flatness≤±1dB
Tx gain≥17.5dB
Input power10dBm
Peak power of Tx channel25dBm
Phase shift6 bits, 5.625°stepping
Attenuation6 bits, 0.5dB stepping
VSWR at the antenna terminals≤1.3
VSWR at the public port≤1.4
Phase shift RMS≤3°
Attenuation RMS≤0.5dB
Antenna port and public port at the RF interfaceSMP-J
Low-frequency interfaceJ30JM-21ZK-JH
Unit size76mm×58.5mm×10mm
Unit weight≤70g

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