6 Core Technologies

  • 256×192 12μm

    256×192 thermal resolution and 12μm infrared detector

  • Dual-spectrum Imaging

    C200 supports dual-spectrum vision of infrared and visible light

  • 11h Operating Time

    With large batteries, C200 can work 11h continuously at most

  • -20℃~+550℃ Range

    Temperature measurement range is -20℃~+550℃

  • 56° Large FOV

    Large FOV easily cover all the targets

  • PC Analysis Software

    Supports PC offline secondary analysis

High Image Quality

  • InfiRay: Clear Image, Rich Details.

    InfiRay: Clear Image, Rich Details.

  • Other Brand: Blurred Image, Lost Details.

    Other Brand: Blurred Image, Lost Details.

256×192 High Image Quality

Electrical Diagnosis

Electrical Diagnosis

Clear and Accurate Tool

  • 12μm 256×192

  • 56° FOV

  • Easy to detect and improve efficiency

Clear and Accurate Tool


Dual-spectrum of Infrared and Visible Light

Dual-spectrum of Infrared and Visible Light

-20℃~+550℃ Temperature Measurement

-20℃~+550℃ Temperature Measurement

56° Large FOV For Wider Area

A glance to cover the wide area and locate the trouble at once.
56° Large FOV For Wider Area

Support Offline Analysis

C200 Handheld Thermal Camera supports offline analysis to memorize the data on the every pixel on the thermal image and form an analyze report after you taking the photo.
Support Offline Analysis



Product Testing


Automotive Maintenance

Applications C200 Handheld Thermal Imager

Electric Troubleshooting

Specifications of C200 Handheld Thermal Imager

Detector TypeVOx uncooled infrared FPA detector
Spectral Band8~14 μm
Pixel Pitch12 μm
Focusing ModeFocus-free
Measuring Range-20 ℃~ +550 ℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% of the reading (the larger one shall prevail)
Measurement ToolsCentral Spot measurement/Hotspot and cold spot tracing
Image ModesThermal imaging, fusion, PIP, visible imaging
Temperature AlarmFull frame high/low temperature alarm
Alarm Mode Support image and LED alarmSupport image and LED alarm
Photo FunctionSupport, with temperature data
Secondary AnalysisProvide PC analysis software for secondary analysis of data
Screen Size2.8LCD(320×240)
LightingLED fill-in light
StorageStandard 16GB SD card, supporting expansion
Tripod SupportYes, at the bottom of the handle
Operating Time11h, @25℃ indoor
Charging TimeAbout 4h, @25℃ indoor
Operating Temperature-10°C~+50°C
Storage Temperature-20°C~+60°C
Operating HumidityRelative humidity 10%~95%, non-condensing
Drop Protection2m
IP EncapsulationIP54

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