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360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S Uncooled 640×512

By 360° panoramic HD infrared imaging, XSENTRY-U12 can realize wide-area large-range and 24-hour automatic uninterrupted monitoring and alarm. The warning area can be customized, and the target can be recognized and tracked automatically. With powerful and rich product series, it is applicable to various scenarios.

Uncooled module: 1280×1024 

Pixel size: 12μm

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  • Features
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Features of 360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S Uncooled 640×512

Panoramic image resolution up to 300,000,000 pixels

  • Advanced optical image stabilization technology is introduced to makes output images approximate to stills, with independent intellectual property rights.

  • It is adaptive to various scan frequencies up to 1Hz based on the focal length of lens, and can sun stably without noise.

  • IP66 makes it dust-proof water-proof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, with a salt spray-proof coating. High-performance electronic components and high-efficiency heat dissipation design ensure 7×24h and all-weather monitoring in harsh environments.

Panoramic scanning frequency up to 1Hz

  • Advanced image detection algorithm supports automatic monitoring and alarm, custom warning area, and automatic target recognizing and tracking.

  • With rich functions and friendly interaction, the software provides various monitoring methods such as 360° panoramic imaging, radar imaging, and single frame imaging. Various parameters of the device can be set. 

  • When the monitored target appears, it can alarm via image slice, log, sound, and other methods. 

Advanced image detection algorithm 

  • The alarmed position can be accurately displayed in real time on infrared panoramic images and 2D/3D electronic map of the GIS system, while linking with other external devices. For example, combined with the ARD high-accuracy remote dual-spectrum early-warning imaging tracker, it can quickly locate and recognize the target while reviewing the alarm situation and recording the linkage process information.

Advanced image stabilization algorithm 

  • With small size and customized color, it is easy to install and deploy in multiple environments.

  • It adopts 30V DC power supply, with the average power less than 30W. An ordinary portable power source is enough for it. 

  • A single person can handle, install, and debug it in half an hour for its simple components (1 tripod+1 portable power source+1 laptop).

  • One 640-resolution device can cover the imaging range of 45 units of 640×512 infrared monitoring cameras, and the pitch range of -20° ~ +40° further improves the monitoring range of the device.

Video of XSENTRY-U12 360 Panoramic Security Camera

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of 360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S Uncooled 640×512



Module Resolution

1280×1024 (uncooled)



Total Weight


Dimensions (L×W×H)


Ingress Protection Rating


Operating Temperature


Average Power Consumption


Power Supply


Horizontal FOV Range


Pitch Observation Range


Pitch Adjustment Range


Panoramic Image Pixel


Frame Frequency for Image Output


Detection Range

UAV (450mm)








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