The infrared thermal camera, a night vision and temperature sensor indispensable to the Internet of Things (IoT), has received increasing attention from the market. The infrared imaging temperature measurement technology has been heavily used and increasingly popularized in the global fight against COVID-19 in 2020. With the arrival of the 5G era, AI companies enabling various application scenarios have emerged, making infrared applications closer to the actual needs of users.


However, infrared thermal cameras had a very limited application market in the past due to challenges in the price, size, power consumption, and performance. To meet the intrinsic needs of the infrared thermal camera market, InfiRay® brought the following highlights to China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2020) in Shenzhen:

Newer and More Solutions

»The full series of 12 μm detector chips have the technology further improved and production capacity further increased, thus reducing the costs of infrared imaging applications.

»The self-developed ASIC image processing chip and the full series of 12 μm detector chips allow better image performance, smaller size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption and costs, bringing more possibilities to practical applications such as wearable, handheld, and portable thermal imaging devices and UAVs;

»More products and solutions that can be directly used by customers are provided, including security products, automotive night vision products, handheld/online temperature measurement products, outdoor products, law enforcement tools, mobile phone thermal cameras, and laser rangefinders.

Concentrate on Infrared to Empower Various Industries

Relying on the leading technology and R&D strength, InfiRay actively expands the wide application of infrared in various fields and extend to the smart life with new infrared vision.

InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd.; thermal camera for smartphone and other consumer-grade electronics from InfiSense Technology Co., Ltd.; thermal security cameras, laser ranging modules from InfiRay Technology Co., Ltd.

12 μm Full Series of Infrared Detectors

The infrared detector is the core of the thermal camera. InfiRay® focuses on the R&D, design, and manufacture of uncooled infrared imaging technologies and products with completely independent intellectual property rights, and possesses the core technology of infrared detectors.

InfiRay® infrared detector chips iterated rapidly in terms of the technology. Specifically, it has successfully developed infrared detectors with the pixel pitch of 35 μm, 25 μm, 20 μm, 17 μm, 14 μm, 12 μm, and 10 μm, and released infrared detectors with arrays of 160 × 120, 256 × 192, 384 × 288, 640 × 512, 1024 × 768, and 1280 × 1024. The full series of 12 μm infrared detector chips has been mass-produced and widely used.

Overall and Specialized Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement Solutions

InfiRay® has a complete infrared temperature measurement product system: industrial temperature measurement, machine vision, high-precision AI infrared body temperature measurement, providing overall and specialized thermal imaging thermometric solutions.

The first 1.3-megapixel infrared temperature measurement system AT1280 was exhibited on site.

Self-developed ASIC Infrared Image Processing Chip

InfiRay® new-released Self-developed ASIC Infrared Image Processing Chip (from Infisense Technology Co., Ltd.) was also unveiled at the show and has attracted widespread attention.

Featuring a smaller size and lower power consumption and cost, it promotes a wider application of infrared technology.

Automotive Grade New Night Vision Products for Autonomous Driving

The infrared thermal imaging technology is indispensable for providing night vision for autonomous driving. InfiRay® new Asens M Series Automotive Infrared Camera (from InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd.) and other night vision infrared thermal imaging products for autonomous driving were exhibited.

InfiRay® Asens M series are compact automotive products specially developed by InfiRay Technologies for the automotive market, with complete darkness night vision, anti-glare, and other functions to meet various driving needs such as night, bad weather, and complex road conditions.

High-performance Erbium-glass Laser & Eye-safe Laser Ranging Module

Featuring eye-safe, a small size, light weight, high accuracy (±1 m), high reliability, and low power consumption, InfiRay® Erbium-glass Laser and Eye-safe Laser Ranging Modules have a maximum range covering 3 km to 20 km. They can be widely used in handheld rangefinders, multifunctional observers, and other optoelectronic devices.