IRay Technology InfiRay® AT1280 First 1.3 Megapixels Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera, Escorting Public Health

As the coronavirus COVID-19 raging all over the world, infrared thermal cameras became one of the important means of epidemic prevention and control.

IRay Technology globally released its first 1.3 megapixels temperature measurement thermal camera InfiRay® AT1280 -- with 1280×1024 resolution, NETD≤50mK, accuracy≤±0.3℃, 30Hz frame rate, and AI auto analysis software.

With all our might to escort pubic health.

InfiRay® First 1.3 Megapixels Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera AT1280

InfiRay® AT1280  Accurate capture for 1.3 megapixels details requires real temperature data of the physical layer, professional image processing ability, and accurate and stable temperature measurement algorithm.

Capture 1280×1024 Temperature Data

AT1280 builds in InfiRay® self-developed high-performance 12μm 1280×1024 detector with high sensitivity and frame rate, which provides back-end processing and display with 1.3 megapixels of temperature data basis to ensure clear and smooth temperature measurement images and the accurate and reliable temperature measurement data.

Matrix Ш Image Processing Technique

With the professional intelligent image algorithm deeply applied to image processing, each infrared image of AT1280 is a masterpiece among a thousand. It can show ultra-clear details even in various harsh conditions.

Accurate And Stable Patented Temperature Measurement Algorithm

High-performance and high stability hardware, accompanied by the professional temperature algorithm, provides reliable and stable temperature data.

InfiRay® AT1280 is integrated with AI intelligent back-end analysis software. Quick learning, testing, finding patterns, and solving problems based on the big data, to make it easier for users and realize quick deploy.

InfiRay® AT1280 real shot image can display clear and shocking details even zoomed in 2×, 4×, and 8×.

Please take a good look at it!

InfiRay® AT1280 can provide accurate temperature data, maintain a safe distance during temperature measurement, and improve the passing efficiency, making it a more efficient optional tool.

InfiRay® AT1280 Displays Smoother Thermal Images And Provide More Accurate And Reliable Temperature Measurement

Key parts of human body infrared imaging temperature measurement: the forehead, the root of the nose, and the canthus/socket, etc. These parts have abundant blood vessels and thin epidermis. In body temperature screening, the clearer the key parts are seen, the more accurate the temperature data will be.

InfiRay® AT1280 Real Shot Image

The displayed details can distinguish the subtle facial differences, and the temperature measurement results are accurate and reliable.

InfiRay® AT1280 Maintains Longer Detect Distance And Improves Passing Efficiency

While detecting the same target, the higher the resolution is, the farther the target can be detected. It can meet the needs of the epidemic prevention and control frontline.

Infrared Temperature Measurement Distance With Different Resolutions

InfiRay® AT1280 Improves Passing Speed And Effectively Reduce The Risk of Cross-Infection

In the same testing condition, the higher the resolution is, the larger the field of view is, and the more the number of people that can be tested at the same time is. Increasing the number of target people passing at the same time means reducing the risk of cross-infection.

Comparison Of Containable People In A Single Row With Different Resolutions

InfiRay® AT1280 Infrared Thermal Real Shot

As a leading manufacturer of IRFPA, IRay Technology InfiRay® temperature measurement product line already has an echelon of the resolution, including all series of high resolution and high-performance product: AT1280 (1280×1024), AT600 (640×512), AT300 (384×288).

InfiRay® continues to explore and innovate and will continue to lead the entire industry forward, popularizing and speeding up HD infrared to the broad civilian market.

Assist in epidemic prevention and control, and provide richer visual perception for the future new infrastructure.