Intersec Dubai 2024 | InfiRay Technology Kicks off the New Year with a Dazzling Debut in Dubai



Intersec Dubai 2024, the 25th edition of the Intersec Dubai 2024, takes place as scheduled at the Dubai World Trade Center from January 16 to 18, 2024. As the world's leading flagship exhibition of professional security, fire protection, and personal protective equipment, the exhibition covers almost all major products in the fire protection and security fields.


InfiRay Thermal Vision overseas team showcases a full range of products at the exhibition, including Multi-spectral Infrared Cameras, Explosion-Proof Cameras, Infrared Panoramic Cameras, Laser Rangefinders, as well as solutions for border and coastal surveillance, oil and gas fields, industrial temperature measurement, and more. Let's take a closer look at their outstanding performance at the exhibition!


Longer Surveillance Distance

PT6CLR, a multi-spectral three-cabinet PTZ camera, is a high-performance medium-to-long-distance observation product that is the most popular product at this exhibition. Based on the integration of a self-developed high-definition cooled infrared detector, 4MP visible light lens, and intelligent PTZ, PT6CLR can flexibly expand laser illumination or laser rangefinding modules to achieve more comprehensive and accurate monitoring tasks. In addition, it also supports intelligent functions such as fire point detection, tripwire, and regional intrusion detection, which can realize rapid and effective target detection and tracking in a wider field of view.


PT6CLR thermal imaging can achieve a monitoring distance of 20 kilometers, which can provide more reliable monitoring and clearer images for some remote measuring and monitoring scenarios, such as border and coastal surveillance, forest fire prevention, urban high-altitude observation, and UAV monitoring.



More Competitive Integrated Solutions

As a new addition to the Infrared Panoramic Camera series, SR4 integrates a high-accuracy dual-spectrum dome camera on the basis of an infrared panoramic thermal imaging camera, realizing the integrated search and tracking function. It perfectly integrates infrared thermal imaging technology, visible light technology, panoramic stitching algorithm and target recognition algorithm, providing a more competitive solution for perimeter protection. The monitoring that originally required several devices to cooperate can now be achieved with a single SR4, greatly reducing installation costs.


Moreover, SR4 integrates a number of AI features. It incorporates intelligent video analysis algorithms such as regional intrusion detection, tripwire intrusion detection, and passenger and vehicle recognition, providing timely alerts for abnormal situations and significantly enhancing monitoring efficiency. Due to the characteristics of thermal imaging being fearless of darkness and being unaffected by bad weather, it can scan the protected area 360° continuously day and night. Once a suspicious target is found, it immediately triggers the collaboration of thermal imaging and the visible light dual-spectrum dome camera to realize target tracking and target detail confirmation.


More Diverse Product Series


In addition to these innovative products, IRay Technology showcases a comprehensive range of products at the exhibition, including the Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera series, Explosion-Proof series, Infrared Panoramic Cameras, Laser Rangefinders, and more. From gas stations, charging stations, and factory warehouses to oil fields, forest fire prevention, and border and coastal surveillance, we display our fully self-designed, differentiated, and innovative product solutions. The pixel coverage ranges from 256×192 to 1280×1024, and the monitoring distance ranges from short-range to medium-to-long distance. We are constantly iterating and updating product performance to meet the integration needs of different scenarios with high adaptability.



InfiRay Technology is committed to the research and development of infrared imaging technology and products, with fully independent intellectual property rights. InfiRay products are sold in over 100 countries and regions around the world, from visual perception to industrial temperature measurement, from outdoor night vision to consumer electronics. InfiRay Technology is committed to providing professional and competitive infrared thermal imaging products and industry solutions to global customers.