Innovation Leads and Create the Future | InfiRay Impressed CIOE 2019

The 21st China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2019) was successfully concluded on September 7.


As a leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA, InfiRay has presented to professional audiences worldwide its latest infrared products, which have won high praise and brought new vision and opportunities for the whole industry.


Following the development trend of the industry, InfiRay® released new uncooled infrared products on CIOE to provide more advanced and comprehensive solutions for future applications:

1. Small-pixel pitch infrared sensor technology

10 μm 1280 × 1024 uncooled IRFPA detector and thermal imaging camera module(10 μm 1280 × 1024 infrared module: thermal imaging live video)


This technology further enriches our core technology reserves. Currently, 17μm/12μm is the mainstream pixel pitch adopted in the market, while an IRFPA detector with a smaller pixel pitch can provide clearer and finer thermal images, suitable for application scenarios requiring large FOV and long detecting distance. It is also appropriate for high-end application scenarios, such as boundary security and aerospace.


12 μm series used for mainstream applications:
12 μm uncooled IRFPA detectors released for mass production

To meet the increasingly pressing needs on thermal imaging SWaP-C (size, weight, power, and cost) from various sectors, global manufacturers making uncooled infrared detectors have quickened their pace in upgrading from 17 μm to 12 μm.


Compared with the 17 μm, 12 μm uncooled IRFPA detectors feature smaller size, and lighter weight, lower power consumption and cost.


There are five kinds of arrays: 1280 × 1024, 640 × 512, 384 × 288, 256 × 192, and 160 × 120.

These advantages will further promote the application of uncooled IRFPA detectors in wider fields, including intelligent security, personal vision, driver assistance system, machine intelligent vision, boundary security, and industrial inspection.


2. WLP vacuum packaging technology and sensing-oriented small-array low-cost products


The 12 μm WLP packaged micromodule popularizes the infrared technology and broadens its usage from the military and industrial temperature measurement to a wide range, covering security, smart city, environmental protection, industrial/power IoT, fire safety, AI, smart home, personal consumption, and tool temperature measurement.


Tiny 1 has an extremely small size of 13 × 13 × 7.3 (mm), ultra-low power consumption, and easy to integrate. It provides two area arrays: 256 × 192 and 160 × 120. Tiny 1 has a remarkable imaging effect and supports the thermographic function.


The thermographic thermal imaging module S0 is a high-performance product. It uses parallel digital interfaces for output and provides abundant control interfaces, adaptive to various intelligent processing platforms. The product features high performance, low power consumption, small size, and easy to develop and integrate. It can meet the secondary development requirements of various thermographic applications.


3. More solutions, more expansions, and consolidating vertical industries with small and economic devices

12 μm VOx shutterless module

InfiRay® VOx shutterless uncooled thermal module uses a scenario-based non-uniformity correction (NUC) algorithm instead of traditional shutter correction. This avoids image freeze due to shutter on/off in use. This camera has apparent advantages in applications with a high demand for video coherence, such as vehicle onboard, UAV load, and portable handheld scenarios.


Online temperature measurement/high-precision temperature measurement thermal camera


InfiRay® latest online temperature measurement/high-precision temperature measurement thermal cameras have aroused strong interest from industry peers. It is mainly applied to temperature acquisition in industrial fields, process control, machine vision, fire safety, medical equipment, inspection and quarantine, and agriculture/animal husbandry.


Eye-safe Erbium-glass laser, ranging module, and fast-steering mirror

One-dimensional fast-steering mirror adjusts the optical path through the fast single-axis oscillation of the mirror, thus enabling the optical path to point to the desired direction.


12 μm Outdoor Thermal Monocular E6n

E6n with 12 μm uncooled IRFPA detector: smaller size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption; working duration up to 12 hours, greatly improving the product usability.


Besides the above-mentioned products, InfiRay® terminal infrared products series, panoramic infrared HD solutions, and cooled infrared imaging module were also exhibited on CIOE.


4. Cooperated and competed with peer vendors in the uncooled infrared industry to supplement each other and improve the industry chain, boosting the rapid development of the whole industry.


During CIOE, many infrared experts visited InfiRay® booth and had in-depth discussions and exchanges. They all gave high praise to InfiRay® infrared products for the crisp and clear image quality and smooth video quality.