InfiRay Visual Perception Debuted at IFSEC and Perimeter Protection Products Well Received

IFSEC INTERNATIONAL was launched in London in 1972. With a history of more than 40 years, it is a world-renowned trade fair and conference for the global security industry. IFSEC 2023 was officially rolled out at ExCeL London from May 16 to 18.


InfiRay Visual Perception Team made its debut at this exhibition, bringing advanced perimeter protection and online temperature measurement products. These products arouse overwhelming responses because of their high-resolution images and clear imaging effects.



At the exhibition site, the uncooled 1280×1024-resolution thermal imaging presentation attracted many customers. The images were produced by InfiRay PT4 Dual-spectrum Thermal Camera built with an InfiRay® 12μm high-performance uncooled infrared detector chip that is small but powerful.


Customers were also quite interested in PT8 Heavy-load Multi-spectrum Thermal Camera which is large in size. This big guy is for remote monitoring upon the integration with infrared thermal imaging and HD visible light + laser light fill-in. Its standard 30~150mm or 25~225mm thermal continuous zoom lens makes it possible to observe targets several kilometers away.


In addition, the GENE Cooled MWIR Module featuring higher detection sensitivity and better penetration performance was also present. Together with a 30~660mm continuous zoom lens, the module enables a wider detection range. This inspired visitors to dig into the development and future of uncooled and cooled infrared technologies.


In addition to the products in the medium- and long-wave infrared bands, InfiRay brought another two products: the active phased array S20-G and the handheld laser rangefinding product Scouter in the microwave band. Both two products can detect targets tens of kilometers away, which indicates that InfiRay can offer richer security solutions.


XSENTRY Infrared Panoramic Camera also sparkles with its powerful performance in addition to its unique eye-catching shape. Different from traditional security cameras with fixed monitoring angles, XSENTRY enables 360° target searching, detection, and visualization, while displaying targets' motion tracks in real time and sending out alarm prompts for detection. Its mini version weighs only 2.1kg and caters to short-range mobile routine inspections in combination with 8-hour battery modules and mobile tablets. These two versions working together can make all targets under control and guard the security on the ground, sea, and air around the clock.


InfiRay Visual Perception Team also brought products such as dual-spectrum bullet cameras, dome cameras, and light-load PTZ thermal cameras, with diverse resolution options and rich built-in functions. Customers are quite content with these features and praised that InfiRay products not only balance security protection and temperature measurement but also extend cameras to more applications.



At IFSEC 2023, InfiRay Visual Perception Team actively communicated with customers in the security industry to explore state-of-the-art technologies and the latest solutions in the field of thermal imaging. In the future, InfiirayRay will always focus on the R&D of infrared imaging technologies and the R&D and manufacturing of thermal imaging products, constantly bringing new vitality into the security industry through leading infrared products, technologies, and multi-scenario solutions.