InfiRay Thermal Camera Solution for Temperature Monitoring of 3D Laser Printing

The 3D laser printing technology is a widely researched additive manufacturing technology. Thermal forming is the key part of the 3D laser printing process. Temperature exceptions may occur during layered powder accumulation due to different operation speeds, distances, and materials. Temperature exceptions include drastic change, too high temperature, too low temperature, and uneven temperature distribution. Consequently, the printed structural parts will have degraded performance, including poor resilience, poor elasticity, brittleness, and hidden cracks. Therefore, temperature monitoring is vital for the materials from hot melting to forming. Thermal cameras are important for the 3D laser printing process. They can provide smart and effective thermal imaging detection solutions.

InfiRay Thermal Camera Solution for Temperature Monitoring of 3D Laser Printing

Existing Solution and Problems for the 3D Laser Printing Temperature Measurement

Monitoring solution using traditional thermometers and thermocouples:

Currently, most 3D printing methods at home and abroad adopt the "blind" printing process. In the process, massive process data needs to be summarized, and the forming process is extremely complex. Repeated experiments are required for each material and component in each shape. However, there are no effective means for monitoring the temperature in the metal powder melting and forming processes. Currently, only thermometers are used to measure the temperature of a point on the build plate at the beginning of the printing, but there are no effective measurement methods for temperature measurement of components to be printed at each layer during the printing process.

Pain point: Thermometers can only be used at the beginning to measure the temperature of the build plate. However, after the printing process has started, the printing process is conducted in a sealed space where no foreign objects are allowed. In addition, thermometers can only monitor the temperature of a single point and cannot effectively monitor the entire laser printing process or trace the temperature curve changes of the entire printing process. Therefore, the customer's needs are not satisfied.

Thermal Camera Solution for Temperature Monitoring of 3D Laser Printing

Camera Solution for Temperature Monitoring of 3D Laser Printing

Thermal Camera Solution for the 3D Laser Printing

InfiRay has created a solution for a company in Shenzhen, to satisfy the temperature measurement needs in the 3D laser printing process.

1. Online thermal cameras are installed on stands or rails at the position of 50 above the build plate. A certain tilt is considered during installation to avoid the impact of the smooth reflective surface of the build plate on the measurement accuracy. 

2. Visual thermal monitoring covers the temperature of the entire component to be printed on the build plate;

3. The AT series thermal cameras are selected due to the high speed of the printing operation. The frame rate of the thermal camera is 50Hz;

4. Alarm parameters can be configured based on the temperature characteristics of the detection zone, to implement pre-warning and alarms for exceptional temperature fluctuation of the components to be printed before and after the powder layering operation.

5. Image display, temperature measurement, and alarm measurement/output can be implemented on the 3D printer through network cables from the thermal cameras. In addition, alarm thresholds can be configured for linkages operations of starting and stopping the powder layering device, as well as the sound and light alarm to notify staff to keep an eye on the operational status of the device and printing status of the component to be printed.

Solution for Temperature Monitoring of 3D Laser Printing

For Temperature Monitoring of 3D Laser Printing

Product/Solution Advantages 

1. Non-contact real-time online temperature measurement: The solution does not affect the objects to be measured and measures all temperature points of the image. The hottest point on the entire screen or the area is automatically captured for users to directly see the problem and efficiently locate problems without omission.

2. Wide measurement range: Thermal cameras with different measurement ranges of from -20°C to 550°C and from 0°C to 1500°C are provided to satisfy the needs of different customers.

3. High frame rate: The 50Hz high-frame-rate thermal cameras can be selected to meet the customers' requirement for the temperature measurement of fast printing processes.

As the leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA, InfiRay will leverage its cutting-edge technology and mass production capabilities to present its infrared camera series with a smaller size, lower power consumption, higher performance, and lower cost, as well as professional infrared thermal imaging solutions, thus overall boosting the application of infrared thermal imaging technology in more areas and empowering various industries.