InfiRay® Releases New Self-Developed Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Range

YANTAI, China, Sept. 09, 2021-- IRay Technology Co., Ltd has today announced the release of its new M200A and P200 handheld thermal cameras with art-of-state IRay thermal CMOS technology. IRay Technology will hold a global virtual press conference @facebook. Alongside the product launch, InfiRay also shared the latest R&D breakthroughs behind its two new products.

Handheld infrared thermal imaging cameras offer intuitive, intelligent and discreet mobile target detection with no contact required — providing them with a wide range of applications across a number of industries. InfiRay’s latest handheld thermal cameras can be used for product development, building inspections, property maintenance, equipment maintenance, and more.

The InfiRay P200 is a pocket-sized thermal camera, and unlike traditional compact thermal cameras, is equipped with a 0-90° rotary lens, which makes it a perfect tool for inspecting places such as narrow gaps and under car chassis, among multiple other scenarios, where it can be challenging or inaccessible for traditional cameras.

In addition, with the combination of 256×192 resolution, 56° FOV, up to 0.04°C sensitivity, and 550°C measuring range, the P200 it not just compact, but also a powerful tool for building inspections, facilities maintenance, HVAC, electrical inspections, etc. 

InfiRay also updated their M-series handheld thermal camera line, with the 256×192 resolution, focus-free model M200A adding a more budget-friendly choice to the M-series camera, besides the popular M300 and M600.

With the inclusion of the new M200A, P200 and other upcoming products, InfiRay’s thermography product line now provides handheld and fixed thermal cameras, ranging from entry level, all the way up to high-end solutions, meeting a wide variety of customer thermography needs.