InfiRay® Debuts at Hannover Messe 2023

YANTAI, China, April. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- IRay Technology Co., Ltd. ( referred to as "InfiRay®" below), a leading brand in the thermal imaging industry, has shown itself with a high profile at Hannover Messe 2023 in Germany. InfiRay® presented its innovated technologies and highlighted thermal imaging products in hall 11 booth A52 at Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany.


InfiRay will show us a series of infrared thermal imaging devices, bringing systematic infrared application solutions to the industrial manufacturing field. InfiRay's handheld thermal imaging product line has newly launched several devices with different resolutions and field of view, so as to cover various needs of different applications in different industries. Moreover, InfiRay's first 1280×1080 handheld thermal imaging camera S1280 will be unveiled at the Hannover exhibition, integrating various intelligent functions and bringing a strong visual impact. It won the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award.


In addition to the original 256×192 online monitoring cameras, InfiRay built the 384×288 thermal imaging detector into a compact card machine to satisfy customers' online monitoring and provide high-definition picture options. InfiRay can provide online monitoring equipment and supporting solutions with different resolutions for fixed focus, electric focusing method, and high temperature. InfiRay will also bring gas thermal imaging cameras, which can not only detect VOCs gases such as CH4, but also SF6 required for electricity. Rich functions, new experience, and systematic solutions are all in InfiRay, so stay tuned.