InfiRay Coastal & Maritime Surveillance Solution

The ocean is an important strategic resource for countries, with significant implications for their economy, security, and overall strategic interests. As a vital international transportation route, a large volume of goods and people are transported via sea routes every day. Additionally, the ocean contains abundant resources such as petroleum, natural gas, minerals, and seafood.

The challenges

So, what are the threats to maritime security, and what are the shortcomings of traditional monitoring equipment and solutions?


• The terrain and climate conditions of coastlines and maritime areas are complex and constantly changing. Natural environmental factors such as waves, winds, and tides can affect the operation of monitoring equipment, making the equipment vulnerable to damage or failure, thus affecting monitoring effectiveness.

• Due to the complexity and uncertainty of the marine environment, maritime defense and surveillance require continuous and uninterrupted operation over a long period of time to ensure the real-time and accurate data.

• The coastline is long and narrow, the sea surface monitoring range is wide, and more attention is paid to the application of 360° no-dead Angle monitoring and remote monitoring products.

• Maritime incidents are often sudden and require quick response and disposal. However, the data processing speed and decision support capability of monitoring equipment are limited, requiring manual intervention, which results in high time and labor costs.


Due to the limitations mentioned above, traditional monitoring equipment performs poorly in preventing illegal immigration, poaching of rare marine animals, combating drug smuggling and trafficking, preventing and controlling terrorist activities, and providing intrusion warnings for maritime infrastructure and ports. Therefore, more intelligent and integrated maritime surveillance solutions are needed.


InfiRay coastal and maritime surveillance solution



The three-level surveillance design is adopted in the scheme, which realizes all-day, harsh environment multi-level monitoring through long-distance radar warning, medium-range E.0.S continuous search and detection, and short-range PTZ linkage detail alarm.




By building a highly integrated monitoring system, InfiRay coastal and maritime surveillance solution enables coordinated cooperation between different devices, and can provide real-time feedback of monitoring data to regional monitoring stations and command centers. The following diagram illustrates the products and system operation processes involved in our solution, as well as the applications that can be supported.



Solution highlights

• Target Classification Capability - Surveillance Radar

Based on the optimization of the algorithm of the marine scene, the radar system supports the classification of marine moving targets, such as large ships, medium-sized ships, small ships, etc, which can help users to judge and dispose of suspicious targets.


• Virtual electronic fence, control no-pass and no-fly areas

Once unlicensed ships or flying objects break into the area without permission, the radar will automatically lock the target for tracking, report the target position, speed, trajectory and other information, and at the same time link the infrared panoramic camera and PTZ system for further processing.


• Intelligent visible light PTZ linkage, to realize the discovery and visibility

After the system detects the target, it can automatically link visible light PTZ for secondary identification and judgment.


•Unrestricted area, intelligently set monitoring shielding area

The user can set an unrestricted area, that is, the shielded area. The system does not alarm the target entering the shielded area. It can be applied to the monitoring area. When there are legal operating channels and legal ship stopping areas, this part of the legal area can be shielded. Intelligent distinction of other warning areas.


•Visual alarm presentation, dynamic grasp of target movement information

Both the surface surveillance radar and the infrared panoramic camera system interface support 360" radar viewing angle display. The red dot information on the screen is the target position information. At the same time, the red dot will move with the movement of the target, presenting a dynamic alarm display.


Application scenarios


Success stories

BFA Boosts Safety with InfiRay

The main venue of the BFA (Boao Forum for Asia) 2023 is located on Dongyu Island, Boao, which is surrounded by the sea. In such a vast sea area, its security depends on only two devices, the InfiRay infrared panoramic camera XSENTRY and the mini infrared panoramic camera XSENTRY-mini, which greatly reduces labor costs and the deployment workload.




InfiRay Panoramic Cameras Empower Coastal Surveillance

It is very vital to maintain the security of coastlines for a coastal city. InfiRay three-level surveillance solution has been adopted in some coastal cities, which realizes all-day, harsh environment multi-level monitoring through long-distance radar warning, medium-range EOS continuous search and detection, and short-range PTZ linkage detail alarm. Which realizes all-day, all-weather surveillance.







The above are some of the products involved in this program, click on the link to learn more!