Application Scenarios | Important Application of Thermal Cameras in the Metallurgy Industry

InfiRay provides professional and reliable thermal camera devices and solutions for different application scenarios of the metallurgy industry to customers, to provide functions such as real-time monitoring, defect diagnosis, and alarm output, satisfying the requirements of the metallurgy industry.

Important Application Of Thermal Cameras In The Metallurgy Industry

Application Scenarios in the Metallurgy Industry

In the traditional manual inspection method for stockpile fire prevention, the fire prevention system is started after detecting fire. The gas sensor can only detect a point, not a large area. The thermal camera can help you quickly determine the location and size of a high-temperature area for fire warning and prevention.

Application Scenarios in the Metallurgy Industry

Coke oven: A coke oven in use can be eroded or worn. The thermal camera can automatically locate the defect and provide abnormal temperature alarms, ensuring device safety.

Application Scenarios

Online monitoring for steam pipeline leakage: Ruptures or insulation material damage may occur on the steam pipeline due to the steam temperature and high pressure. Thermal cameras provide images for analysis and judgment, so that you can easily detect the cause and problem point of the damage.

Online Monitoring For Steam Pipeline Leakage

Online monitoring for refractory defects of the hot-blast stove: Refractory on the surface of the hot-blast stove shell and arch top may become thinner and fall off after long-time operations. With the thermal camera, you can set the temperature measurement area to obtain the temperature distribution of key parts and handle the potential risks on the device in advance.

Online Monitoring For Refractory Defects Of The Hot Blast Stove

Online monitoring for refractory defects on the furnace body, hot-blast pipeline, and hot-blast outlet: There are several advantages of furnace lining defect detection with the thermal camera: Promptly discovering furnace lining defects formed at an early stage, to eliminate safety risks; clearly locating the furnace lining defect position and discovering the extent of damage; welding and grouting according to the thermal image to simplify the repair process.

There Are Several Advantages Of Furnace Lining Defect Detection With The Thermal Camera

Temperature monitoring on the bottom of the converter: The refractory in a converter may be eroded and fall off after long-time operations. Consequently, the steel board may be exposed to a high-temperature environment, possibly causing burn-through accidents of the furnace bottom. The thermal camera can help you promptly discover the converter ruptures and points with exceptional temperature, ensuring manufacturing safety.

Temperature Monitoring On The Bottom Of The Converter

Online monitoring of refractory defects in molten iron and iron slag transport: With the thermal camera, you can detect whether there is damage on the lining and the lining falls off for the transportation tank, to prevent transportation tank penetration, eliminating major economic loss and manufacturing and personnel accidents.

Online Monitoring Of Refractory Defects In Molten Iron And Iron Slag Transport

Online monitoring of the ladle refractory defect: The thermal camera can automatically locate the defect and provide exceptional temperature alarms, to ensure device safety and eliminate the risks of ladle penetration.

Online Monitoring Of The Ladle Refractory Defect

Online temperature monitoring of the steel pipe quenching process: After the steel pipe is quenched, the temperature can affect its comprehensive mechanical property. The thermal camera can monitor the temperature after the water quenching in real time and generate the temperature curve.

Online Temperature Monitoring Of The Steel Pipe Quenching Process

Online temperature monitoring of the cold rolling device: The thermal camera monitors the operating temperature. When the temperature fluctuates in the normal range, bush burning and gear failures caused by improper lubrication can be prevented, prolonging the safe operating time of the bar production line.


Metallic electrolysis: In the purification process, metal impurities may accumulate between the plate electrodes, causing short circuits and device faults. Traditional manual inspection is of low efficiency and can possibly cause omission. The thermal camera can comprehensively and quickly scan the measurement target and automatically capture high-temperature points, helping staff quickly locate the heat defect location, increase maintenance efficiency, lower maintenance cost, and ensure manufacturing safety.

Metallic Electrolysis

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Metallurgy Industry Solutions

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