I2 Night Vision Goggle? Infrared Thermal Imager? Fused Now! IRay Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager Assisting Night Actions

During night actions...

How to better identify threats?

Stand still? Or take action to control the situation?

Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager

An infrared thermal imaging enhancement attachment, designed for the rapid upgrade, front-fusion, and multi-mode display of the equipment in service.


As a branch of ENVG (enhanced night vision goggle) products, Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager can project long-wave thermal infrared images into the view of the I2 and low-illumination night vision devices to directly realize thermal fusion without adjustment. This improves the search efficiency under complicated conditions and the perception capability under extreme low-illumination conditions (such as sandstorm, basement, cave, and abandoned houses).

The existing night vision devices can be upgraded to the thermal fusion type by using the clip-on fusion function without replacing them, greatly reducing the use cost of equipment.

High Definition

Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager uses the IRay 12μm 640×512 (384×288 optional) high-performance infrared detector chip for providing clear and sharp images.

Wide FOV

Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager is equipped with a 30° FOV thermal imaging optical lens, achieving a 75% coverage rate of thermal targets in the I2 and low-illumination night vision devices (standard 40° FOV).

Multiple Modes

Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager provides three modes (White hot/Highlight/Outline) and allows you to keep images normally on and adjust the breathing rate as needed, to meet the target search and detection requirements in different environments. The following figure shows the I2 mode, highlight mode, and outline mode.

Multiple Functions

Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager, through the quick removal interface and quick removal hoop at the side of the device, enables quick removal and mount of I2 and low-illumination night vision devices of different sizes and realizes immediate infrared fusion. It can also be handheld or head-mounted by connecting to the ocular lens. 

This product adopts a lightweight design with a minimum weight of 78g, superior to the existing products in the market. It reduces users' wearing burden and is more appropriate for long-term wearing.

Provide abundant choices for the I2 night vision world

Unveil all threats covered in night

Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager