• tube thermal imaging scope
  • Thermal Imaging Riflescope Tube Series.

    The Tube series is a cutting-edge thermal imaging riflescope, which has a similar appearance with the Day riflescope. The state-of-the-art design is especially for professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority.

  • Thermal Imaging Riflescope Rico Series

    The Rico series is a multifunctional and highly expandable infrared thermal imaging product.The product is featured with alterable laser rangefinder, detachable battery pack, eyepiece magnification up to 14 times, and comprehensive upgrade of software interface. With the updated, the Rico series also offers advanced image correction and automatic image optimization.

  • Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip C Series

    The Clip C Series is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day scope. NO ZEROING is needed just CLAMP&SHOOT.

  • Thermal Imaging Scope Finder Series

    The Finder series products are light and easy to carry, especially suitable for one-handed operation that can be put in a pocket anytime and anywhere. The compact design makes the Finder the best choice for outdoor investigation.

  • Eye Series Oudoor Thermal Monocular

    The compact & elegant design and easy operational functions make the Eye series thermal imaging monocular the ideal target observation tool in darkness.

  • InfiRay® Outdoor App

    As an outdoor thermal imaging expert, InfiRay® understand and concentrate more on your requirements. We build an online home for InfiRay partners to share happy moments with us.