How to Prevent Thefts in Fenceless Factories?

Oil and gas fields are fenceless factories covering vast areas, with equipment and facilities widely distributed and operations scattered in the open air.

Challenges to the Security of Oil and Gas Fields

Security is vital for the operation of oil and gas fields. As raw materials and production equipment are scattered in the open oil and gas fields, occasional and even organized thefts occur frequently, causing huge economic losses to oilfield production.

In the past, guards were allocated for oilfield security. As the oil price soared and oil became as expensive as gold, thefts occurred frequently. Security monitoring appears in vast oilfields. From traditional manual routine inspection to technology-based checks, oilfield security had been improved. However, as time goes on, thefts also evolved. More and more diverse and complex means are used in organized thefts, which cannot be addressed by traditional monitoring devices with such disadvantages as narrow fields of view and limited vision at night.

How Does Thermal Imaging Technology Break the Ice?

XSENTRY 360° infrared panoramic camera is not a traditional security camera. It integrates AI detection and thermal imaging technologies into an all-in-one device that combines the remote multi-target detection capability and the 24h detection capability of thermal imaging technology.

All-Day and All-Weather Thermal Imaging Technology, No Fear of Dark Night

Thermal imaging technology covers the shortage of visible light and helps users to observe details even in thick darkness, achieving all-day and all-weather monitoring.


Monitoring at Night

Left: Visible Light, Right: Circular Scanning


Monitoring in Bad Weather

Left: Visible Light, Right: Circular Scanning


All-Round, Full-Coverage, and 360° Monitoring

Only one single camera can "take full control". With 360° scanning in 2 seconds, the camera leaves no dead angle or blind spot and can guard against all vehicles within 4km, people within 2km, and UAVs within 1.5km.


360° Panoramic View of an Oilfield


Real-Time Visual Linkage of Thermal Imaging and Visible Light

In linkage with visible light devices, the camera can track targets and zoom in on images. Moreover, it can collect information related to videos and images and obtain relevant evidence in the event that any target is detected.


Thermal Imaging + Visual Light Linkage Real Shot

Based on the world's leading infrared detection technology and advanced HD infrared splicing algorithm, InfiRay deploys infrared panoramic cameras on high towers for 360° monitoring of the oilfield. Meanwhile, in combination with visible light monitoring, users can collect real-time evidence of invading targets.


With the help of portable infrared panoramic cameras, users can perform mobile routine inspections, efficiently monitor the pipelines and points in oil and gas fields, and trigger linkage alarms in real time to prevent thefts effectively.