Cost Control Solution in Production: Important Application of Thermal Cameras in Hair Curler Production Yield Testing

In hair curler productions, there may be defective products. For example, the product may have issues of uneven temperature during heating. To prevent defective products from entering the market, temperature compliance tests and spot checks are needed during the production in the factory. Thermal cameras are important in test and spot checks. 

Cost Control Solution In Production Important Application Of Thermal Cameras In Hair Curler Production Yield Testing

Application Example:

In traditional methods, workers carry thermocouples to measure the temperature of the product, which is of low efficiency. In addition, workers may be burnt because the product temperature can reach 100°C during the test. To deal with such problems, a hair product company in Guangzhou wants to make a change for the current testing method and has the following requirements: 

①Monitor the product online and trigger alarms for products that cannot reach the specified temperature; 

②Support drawing 40 interesting areas to report the temperature of hair curlers in real-time, and support the temperature data export;

③Capable of video recording for subsequent secondary analysis. 


InfiRay fully studies the customer's requirement and onsite situation and uses the AT61 thermal camera for testing to customize a solution that satisfies the customer's requirements.

In this application, the customer fixes hair curlers on self-made plates and uses thermal cameras to measure the temperature deviation of the hair curlers at three heating levels. If a product does not reach the specified temperature after heating, the product will be removed from the production line for troubleshooting. Temperature measurement is implemented for the manufactured products, including hair straighteners and curlers, and spot checks are implemented for products before delivery. Products that cannot reach the specified temperature at each level will be removed from production.

Control Solution In Production Important Application Of Thermal Cameras In Hair Curler Production Yield Testing

Solution In Production Important Application Of Thermal Cameras In Hair Curler Production Yield Testing

Solution Strengths:

①Thermal cameras can provide non-contact temperature measurement, which is of lower risks in personal safety compared with thermocouples;

②Thermal cameras can greatly improve testing efficiency. The hottest point on the entire screen or the area is automatically captured for users to directly see the problem and efficiently locate problems without omission.

③It can be used alone or connects a PC and record full radiometric videos, providing the heat spreading path and temperature rise curves for tracing the problem;

④It supports emissivity settings in different areas. Different emissivity settings can be implemented for different measured materials in a screen for more accurate temperature measurement;

⑤The device can be connected to a PC to trigger alarms. Defective products can be removed from the production line without affecting workers' operations.

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