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C Series

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Product Information

  • C Series Handheld Thermal Camera Technical Data V1.0.3
    Update date : Aug , 12-2022
  • C Series Handheld Thermal Camera User Manual_V1.0.4_20230703
    Update date : Jul , 25-2023


  • IR Discovery
    Update date : Mar , 28-2024

    Ruitan Thermography Analysis System (Ruitan for short) is a professional temperature measurement software for PC, which has the function of device management, real-time analysis, material management, off-line analysis, alarm management and temperature data analysis. Matching with multiple series of hardware products manufactured by IRay Technology, Ruitan can provide professional and accurate temperature monitoring and intelligent analysis in several kinds of industrial and lab scenarios, release hardware capabilities and facilitate the actual business. 

    1. Device configuration and management. Manage the devices and change the device parameters.  

    2. Real-time analysis and monitoring. Connect with the devices via cables, USB and Wi-Fi, perform temperature measurement analysis , abnormality alarm and alarm linkage, temperature acquisition and analysis and image/video capture on real-time images. The software supports simultaneous analysis and monitoring for 4 devices at most. 

    3. Off-line analysis. Perform several kinds of analysis on image/videos captured by handheld or on-line cameras, and generate professional temperature measurement reports quickly.