Border Surveillance Solution

Border defense is an important component of national security and territorial integrity. The task of border defense is to maintain national border security, prevent foreign threats, and combat criminal activities, while also ensuring the security and development of border areas. Therefore, in a sense, security monitoring of border defense is a necessary means to safeguard national security and territorial integrity. In addition, strengthening border security, adopting technological measures for border defense surveillance, can also help prevent criminal activities and other threats, enhance regulatory capabilities, emergency response capabilities, technological innovation, and development level, to provide deeper security and development protections for border areas.


The challenges

It is self-evident that border security is very important and deserves further attention. However, it is undeniable that modern border security still faces many challenges, and the existing monitoring equipment and solutions have obvious shortcomings:


• Technical bottleneck: With the development of technology, new technologies such as monitoring equipment, drones, and satellite communications have put higher demands on border security. However, due to technical bottlenecks, lack of timely equipment maintenance and updates, traditional border security technology can no longer meet the needs of modern border security.


• Shortage of manpower: Border security requires a large amount of manpower, but due to factors such as the harsh environment and high work intensity in border areas, recruiting and training border security personnel is difficult, and the problem of manpower shortage is becoming increasingly prominent, affecting the effective management and implementation of border security.


• Harsh environment: The environmental conditions in border areas are harsh, with variable weather and fragile ecosystems, which can affect the implementation of border security work. For example, extreme weather, natural disasters, and wildlife can all pose a threat to the safety of border security personnel.



InfiRay border surveillance solution




The three-level surveillance design is adopted in the scheme, which realizes all-day, multi-level monitoring in harsh environments through long-distance radar warning, medium-range E.O.S continuous search and detection, and short-range PTZ linkage detail alarm.




By building a highly integrated monitoring system, InfiRay border surveillance solutions realize the linkage of different devices, and can feed monitoring data back to the regional monitoring station and the general command and control center in real time. The following diagram shows the products involved in our solution, the operational processes of the system, and the business applications that can be met.




Solution highlights

When the radar scans multiple targets, the traditional PTZ solution can track one target at a time only, while InfiRay border surveillance solution can monitor and track multiple targets at the same time to ensure that the target information is not lost.



• Warning area settings - virtual electronic fence:

Once unlicensed natural persons, drones, and crawler break into the area without permission, the radar will automatically lock the target for tracking, report the target position, speed, trajectory and other information, and link the panoramic scan and visible light system for further processing.


• Shielded area settings - legal, non-key areas:

For non-key areas, reasonable passage areas, etc., users can set up shielded areas in the above areas. The system does not alarm the targets entering the shielded area, and can intelligently distinguish them from other warning areas.


• Intelligent visible light linkage:

Both radar and infrared panoramic systems support the linkage of PTZ to track targets and enlarge images, collect video and image information for evidence, and realize visual visibility when discovered, which helps to provide powerful reference information for decision-making commanders.


• Solar power supply + wireless AP transmission:

The outdoor environment is complex and changeable, such as the problem of no electricity and no network, because the power consumption and bandwidth of the equipment are relatively low, solar panels are supported for power supply, and wireless AP transmission is used to solve communication obstacles.


Application scenarios



Success stories

InfiRay Helps to Safeguard the Border 

The guests from South Africa are quite pleased with our 360° uncooled Infrared panoramic camera & dual-spectrum PT camera linkage solution!


The location, according to him, is situated in a vulnerable region where crime rates are unacceptable. "This is a thermal detecting system with the ability to identify things kilometers away. The Xsentry scans through 360 degrees continuously, and connects to a long range camera PT4 that will display in visible light as well as thermal imaging the actions of the intruder. This technology is an integral part of the Xsentry solution offered by InfiRay." said by our customer.


This system supports linking visible light equipment to track targets and image magnification, collect video image information for evidence, thus visually presenting the information of targets once the targets are detected. What’s more, it supports real-time detection of multiple intrusive targets and displays their movement trajectories.







The above are some of the products involved in this program, click on the link to learn more!